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Government not listening to people

I attended the Box Elder County commission meeting on November 17, 2021, for the public hearing on the adoption of the General Plan. I tried to speak for my three minutes, but Commissioner Stan Summers shut me down and would not let me finish, he stated that I was not speaking about the issue. I will repeat my public comments in this editorial.

First, it is wrong for the Utah legislature to mandate cities and counties to adopt a General Plan; this goes against the principle of liberty. The General Plan is government driven, not public driven. The public is being used and manipulated in pushing this government General Plan.

The visioning process meetings which are being used, are found in the United Nations Agenda 21 or 30 handbook. I have attended some of these visioning meetings, the first one was for the Box Elder School Board where only certain people were invited to attend. My husband was invited, I was not, but I wanted to tag along to see how this meeting operated since learning about the visioning process meetings.

The people at this meeting did not want the rubric grading system, they wanted the A-F grading system. I was the only one who went to the school board meeting to follow up to see what would happen with the information collected. The school board did not listen to the people, instead they did a compromise, part rubric and part A-F grading system.

Again, the people are being used and manipulated with these visioning process meetings which was what was used for the General Plan meetings that people were ask to attend and participate. The government does these visioning process meetings so that they can say it was public driven when it really is government driven. The General Plan is about the government taking more power and control.

You can choose to help save our Republic or continue to destroy our Republic from within. I ask you to not adopt this government driven General Plan because all it will do is give the government more power and control over the lives and property of the people.

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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