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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen got their new fifth-wheel house trailer all fixed up. They and their two dogs headed out to a campground at Ririe, Idaho. This campground had hookups for electricity and water. The Poulsens really enjoyed their time away from home.

The couple’s garden is beautiful. They hope their peas will be ready to eat next week. The pods are on the vine and are filling out fast.

Orson planned his hay harvest just right. He cut and raked it. Keith Weaver baled it, and Orson hauled it to his covered barn just before it rained.

Jim and Starr Mitchell had their granddaughters for an overnight last week. Jim and Gabi rode the four-wheeler together. Both girls made good use of the swing set.

Starr reports there are fat pea pods on their vines, but eating them is still a week away. So far, the rest of the garden is doing very well. So are their trees.

Starr’s brother Patrick came for dinner while the girls were visiting on Sunday. They had pizza made from Starr’s old, special recipe — even the crust. The girls enjoyed Uncle Pat’s visit. He enjoyed them, too. All loved the good rain Saturday night and Sunday. It did the ground a world of good! As the family looked across the valley, they saw snow in the Logan mountains up high.

Laura Wheatley says they are all settled in, and everything is where it should be. The kids are doing well. They are enjoying summer and being out of school. They are taking a break from school stuff.

Late on Memorial Day, the family visited some graves.

The girls enjoyed the rain. The family decided against a garden this year. They will improve the fencing on their yard instead.

Laura comments, “There sure are a lot of city rules on how our house and yard should look. Oh well, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’”

Boyd Udy and the Adams family cowboys gathered the cows and calves off the mountain pasture where the grasses are good up high. These animals will be shipped to even prettier pastures in Wyoming.

Kris and Boyd had a real good visit with Fred and Cheryl Davis, with whom they have been friends for years.

Kris’s campaign for county commissioner is doing real good. The mail-in ballots were mailed on June 9.

Monday, Winnie Richman stayed home. She rested her back and knee, and got out ingredients for a pork and bean casserole. The recipe was from a dear friend from her past.

Tuesday, Winnie talked with daughter-in-law April about ordering Winnie some things off the internet. April did it in a flash. “Thank you, April,” Winnie marvels (someday Winnie will learn how)!

Winnie also shopped at ACE Hardware in Brigham City for paint supplies for the building Aaron made her last year. It is fading, and Winnie doesn’t want it to get weak or spring a leak. She thanks the very nice lady at ACE for helping her choose just the right stuff for her do-it-yourself project.

Wednesday, the bean casserole was made and baked. It was very tasty. She had three meals from it, and gave some to daughter Heather when Heather came to help hook up the big plow to the tractor. Winnie also gave the rest to Aaron and April and their family. The tractor hoses proved a problem, so Winnie called Steve Peterson. He came and finished the job, including doing all the hopping in and out of the tractor to check that the hoses were hooked in the proper places. Winnie had some colored electrical tape, which she used to label the hoses and the hookup outlets for the next time. Did you know electrical tape comes in red, white, blue, yellow and green, besides the standard black?

Friday, Winnie drove to town for groceries. She didn’t buy much, but the trip was relaxing. She got fuel for her car. The prices are hugely low now. She hopes they stay that way!

Saturday, Winnie watched American Pharaoh win his Triple Crown bid in a rerun of the horse race at Belmont Park in New York. He got a less-than-great start out of the gate, caught up and passed the rest of the contenders, and ran under wraps until the final quarter of a mile. Then, the great jockey turned him loose. He won by several horse lengths. WOW! It must be mentioned that “running under wraps” means the jockey was holding the horse back. The jockey was standing in his stirrups to do it. When he turned the horse loose, he crouched down, let the reins out, and waved his whip at the horse. He never needed to hit it. Winnie loves a good horse race.

Sunday, Orson and Jeannette Poulsen came to the Double S Bar and served Winnie, Jeannette and himself the sacrament after blessing it. When they left, Winnie took a nap, did chores early, and just relaxed until bedtime.

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