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On Halloween, the graying evening turned into darkness in Portage and strange happenings began to come alive. The weather cooperated and became colder and colder, and the wind began to blow even harder than it had all day long.

The skeleton hanging from the near by tree began to swing back and forth this way and that, not knowing which way to go. His eyes glowed red in the deepening shadows. Wind began to howl through the trees, and you began to see spooky happenings on every street corner.

Every now and then you could make out strange little creatures running in and out of the dark headed for, or away from, the street lights. Larger creatures just behind, trying to keep up to see which way the little ones were going. Streaming capes flew behind some of these scary apparitions. It made them seem like they were flying! There had been some snow earlier in the week, but Mother Nature had backed off the snow for this evening.

To add to the evening, a herd of mother cows had been taken away from their babies. Both the mommies and the babies were making quite a racket with their mooing, moving and crying.

I have to admit that we still had quite a few children that braved the Portage streets in search of candy and treats. I have heard from many that they got quite a load to take home to share with the family. All the cute ones that came to our house got the good treats, of course.

Grant and I have been busy this week. We were helping some friends out by picking them up from the hospital after surgery.

We got up Wednesday morning and headed off for McKay-Dee in Ogden. Arriving there at the appointed hour, we stayed in the car to finish our lunch and then headed into the hospital, to the third floor like we had been directed, and then started searching for room number 310. All of the numbers were in four digits, and when we got frustrated we finally decided to ask for help from the nursing staff on that floor. One nurse checked the computer looking for his name and the other was checking the surgery roster. Both of them came up with nothing!

I then decided to call my brother from another mother’s wife to tell her that “WE CANNOT FIND YOU!” She said “hold on,” and when she came back on the line she was laughing! “What hospital are you at?” she said. I told her and she really began laughing out loud. I said “What is so funny?” The answer was that they were at Logan Regional Hospital.

OK, in my defense, my brother had told me way back when he began talking about it that he was going to have an MRI at McKay-Dee and surgery at Logan. Well, because I am not a spring chicken any more, all that stuck was McKay-Dee. Everyone has had a great laugh over this, so I thought I would also share it with you. Oh, BROTHER!

Oh, by the way, we did pick them up at Logan Regional Hospital on Thursday.

Anyone interested in the pipes and rocks at the burn pile should call me before next Wednesday, which is town council meeting. We have had some interest from town members. Thank you so much. If there are duplicate interests we will have kind of a draw the straw. Will contact you.

By the way, everyone is always welcome at town council meeting, 6 p.m.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Primary Program will be next Sunday. It is always GREAT! Try not to miss, 9 a.m.

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