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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen left for their Labor Day weekend rendezvous on Thursday, September 2 at Fort Bridger, Wyoming. They took their leather and jewelry trade goods and did very well selling them. Orson does the leather goods and Jeannette makes the jewelry. This year, Orson made an antique wheelbarrow, a big one. He did many hours of research and work. They opened their selling at 9 a.m. on Friday and sold it by 10 a.m. the same day for a good price. He plans to make more of them. The couple also sold two capotes (blankets with sleeves). The Poulsens came home Monday.

Orson says they enjoy being home. He also says the garden produced some surprises for them. The pumpkins are more numerous than he expected, and are beginning to turn orange. They also have several banana squashes, and lots of cantaloupes. They will eat the cantaloupes with ice cream.

Laura Wheatley says the first week of school was only half days. The girls were really excited, and love it.

On Tuesday, the whole family went on a field trip to a dairy in Smithfield. While there, they enjoyed a hayride on a wagon pulled by a tractor. They observed the milking of the cows, and even saw a couple of very new calves — only a couple of hours old.

Saturday, Laura’s mother’s Hyer family had a family reunion in Nampa, Idaho. They stayed for the night and came home Sunday.

Jim and Starr Mitchell made another trip to gather firewood for the coming winter. Their permit only lets them gather the wood from standing dead trees. It is dangerous getting to the trees, tripping over debris and falling wood, and also having to stand back while the chosen tree falls is part of the danger. The couple likes pinewood for the piney smell. It also burns hotter and leaves less ashes to clean up. Now all they need to do is cut it up and split it into sizes to fit their heater stove. Starr says “I certainly hope this will be enough!” And of course, it will also need to be stacked and covered.

The Mitchells have finished with their supply of turkeys for the year. They bottled these to be used for soups. While they have been out and about they got some elderberries to bottle. They say their house has been really hot due to the canner going all day.

Even though there has been only one short storm of rain, it was enough to bring out the mosquitoes. They are terrible!

Gabi and Madi are thoroughly loving school. Gabi loves to sing. She sings all the time. Starr thought she might want to add singing lessons to her schedule. Winnie was able to pass on a point of view from Janet Nicholas Carter. Janet says if a person starts singing lessons too early in life, the voice cannot develop fully first; plus the young singer gets tired of lessons too early in life.

Boyd Udy is still fencing. The fences he and his crew are doing need to be straightened out before being put in place.

On Labor Day, Boyd went to Kelly Nicholas’ place in Corinne for a friendly ranch-roping event. There were no prizes given — the ropers just had fun.

Boyd is eagerly anticipating a coming horse show for daughter Jessica and her daughter Kynzee.

Winnie Richman had a wonderful Labor Day. She slept in late and enjoyed the quiet of her home. She watered all her plants, collected some sun-ripe cherry tomatoes to eat, and just generally rested.

Church was very interesting. Choir didn’t happen due to not having enough people to sing after church.

Aaron and April Richman came later in the afternoon to feed the cows. Aaron told Winnie she needed to wean her calves soon. She said she would, but needed some cowboys to round up the cows first, and had not been able to get any to come. She said she would wean as soon as possible.

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