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Jim Mitchell has been helping Winnie Richman with chores every day, feeding the cats, watering her heifers and bulls, and occasionally putting hay bales out to the cows or bales to the young heifers and bulls. He has been doing this since Winnie had her back operated on and could not do this herself. She is extremely grateful to him.

Starr Mitchell reports their Christmas season was “very nice.” It was extended to have their two grandchildren out for several days since Christmas. It started Christmas Eve with church services with their son and daughter in law, Steven and Ashley, and their daughters, Gabi and Madi. After church all gathered at Steven’s for a delicious ham dinner and opening a few presents. Then Jim and Starr came home.

Christmas morning, Starr began dinner. Starr’s brother Patrick joined them. Later in the day they visited Gary Petit, who had the company of his son Tracy and his two sons Ryan and Tyson. Since then, the Mitchells have just been trying to stay warm. “We are so grateful for the sunshine,” Starr exclaims.

Laura Wheatley says she enjoyed having the kids home from school last week. “We didn’t have a set schedule and were not trying to do too much,” she relates. “It was quite relaxing.”

The Wheatleys had a great Christmas. Christmas Eve, Laura’s parents and sister Stacy, and her family came to the Wheatleys’ home. A party ensued, with opening some presents to each other. All played a couple of games with the children.

Christmas Day, the Wheatleys stayed home. Laura’s father came over with his new smartphone to learn more about it and receive some pointers on its use.

Christmas night, Zane’s parents came to the Wheatley home to open gifts and relax.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen enjoyed their Christmas. They gave out their Christmas gifts during several quick trips to others. Orson says they got to be home for the 24th and 25th. He reports having planned one of his pies, but he didn’t get it done.

“The ceiling of our quilting cottage would have been more quickly installed if I hadn’t decided to mill all the boards for it, and had used sheetrock instead,” Orson says. However, the cottage is nearing being done.

Some friends from their mission in Nauvoo, Illinois came out with their daughter for a visit. Orson and their daughter went for a ride on his horses. She really had fun.

Orson was going to try to find a bottle of sparkling apple juice to help welcome in the new year.

Boyd Udy says he had a very good Christmas. Son Tyrell, his wife Erin and their son Boyd William were down from Montana to enjoy the holiday with them. They all enjoyed the home in town, and also out to the ranch in Promontory.

Boyd didn’t ride his horses last week. He has just been checking the cows and doing other ranch chores. They are preparing to start calving in late February. Boyd expects New Year’s will be quiet.

Boyd says the cutter races started Jan. 2 at the Golden Spike Fairpark in Ogden. He helped head his family’s teams to the starting gate riding one of Crocker’s good colts. His great horse Crocker is enjoying his retirement, sharing hay and space with Boyd’s donkey.

Winnie Richman is mostly still recuperating from her back surgery. She spent Christmas Day at son Aaron’s home, where she enjoyed Christmas dinner. She contributed some of the menu items. However, April and Aaron did a superlative job with their big Christmas turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Winnie really enjoyed being with all her kids — her grandchildren and their children, four of her great-grandchildren.

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