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Jim and Starr Mitchell had granddaughters Gabi and Madi at Promontory for three days. Although it was very cold outside, they were just right inside. They played games and had activities all ready to be used. They made homemade pizzas and cookies.

Gabi loves doing chores with Grandpa Jim, feeding the animals and helping him. She, along with her sister, loves playing with the dogs, and they love playing with the girls. Both grandparents and granddaughters enjoy being sure the little winter birds get plenty to eat. All are working to keep the animals’ water unfrozen with heated bowls and buckets.

The Mitchells are very glad for the snow, and wish all a Happy New Year!

Laura Wheatley reports having had three Christmas celebrations. The family started out with one for the Hendricks family at Laura’s sister Joanne’s home. Laura’s father Denis Hendricks read the great Dr. Seuss’s book, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” This has become a tradition with the family. All the kids had a great time.

The second Christmas was held for the Wheatley, which Zane and Laura hosted at their home after Christmas.

Their third Christmas was their own family at their own home. The special Christmas gift to Zane was a quilt made from his old work pants. He was surprised.

Boyd Udy says his Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were quiet, but very nice. He says the cows at the ranch are doing good. He has been riding his horses every day. He keeps them in shape for whenever he might need them.

Winnie Richman had nice, warm, quiet New Year’s celebration at home. She heard from her sister Pam, and they shared news of their various activities.

Winnie has been busy feeding her two bulls up to the time she hauled them to Richard Holmgren’s to sell them. She now has just her cats to feed, and check the water for her cows and horses. All seems to be going well.

Winnie says “Happy New Year” to everyone.

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