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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen, and their friends from the Good Sam Club, spent four days camping in Heyburn, Idaho, along the banks of the Snake River. It was quite hot for the first couple of days, but the temperature got milder as the week went on.

The Poulsen truck started having mechanical problems on the way home, and is now in the shop being repaired.

Orson has picked the first round of peas from their garden. The rest of the vegetables are doing well, along with the weeds.

In order to resume his duties at the Brigham City Temple, Orson has had to shave off his beard after 16 months of growing it. He reports feeling much lighter in weight now.

Everly Wheatley is loving her baseball. So far, her team is undefeated.

Georgia Wheatley is firmly into play practice with her two parts and the songs.

The Wheatley children are also involved with a nutrition class over Zoom. They are learning how to make healthy nutrition choices without sacrificing flavor and appeal to their young taste buds. They have learned how to make a dessert pizza crust from oatmeal, etc. on a pizza pan. Then it is topped with sweetened cream cheese and fruit. Laura says this pizza is “yummy.” The girls have also learned to make animal faces on top of a piece of bread, spread with peanut butter, and using fruit pieces or slices to complete the face.

Kate Wheatley, daughter No. 4, has learned to ride her bike with no help from anyone, and without training wheels.

And finally, daughter Kyra is saying quite clearly “Mama” and “drink.”

Boyd Udy and friends from the Adams family are putting in some new fences to replace old, sagging, wobbly fences. They are also making straight lines whenever possible. It is very necessary work, but also very hot work.

Jessica and daughter Kynzee were to have a horse show on Saturday, June 26.

Boyd reports having been out to the Fort Ranch to gather the mares and foals for the fort’s weaning sale on June 26. He says all the mares and their foals looked really good. He also said there are some real pretty foals.

Jim and Starr Mitchell’s tomatoes have grown big enough to need the tomato cages placed around them. This was done last week. Starr says they have already harvested seven or eight zucchinis to eat. If the zucchinis get too big, they are peeled and the seeds taken out, and ground up for zucchini bread and cookies. The younger zucchinis can be sautéed with onions and a little salt and pepper.

Starr says the garden cucumbers are now starting, but are not big enough to eat. She says there are also many different kinds of peppers, which she will use in her salsa recipes, both fresh and canned, when they are ready.

Starr’s sister Tracy arrived home and was met at the airport by her husband. He whisked her to their cabin.

Gabi and Madi are loving their summer vacation. They have been going to Lagoon with their mom and dad; however, they love coming to Promontory to stay with Jim and Starr for a few days.

Gabi went to a place in Ogden called Flowrider. It has a pool with waves and surfboards. Madi is very eager to get old enough to be able to surf with Gabi someday. The owner provides the surfboards.

Winnie Richman spent most of her workweek trying to keep less than hot. She failed. The fan and cooler were blowing her circuit breakers, and no help was available at that time. Then, she had a problem with her telephone landline. She finally got it all fixed, and wants to thank Golden Spike Electric for their help and Frontier for their help. She is cooler now.

On Wednesday, Winnie visited with Rod Cottle in Brigham City about her car and truck insurance. A satisfactory deal was struck, and Winnie is grateful. “Thank you, Rod,” she says.

Friday, Aaron and April Richman came out. While Aaron fed two mares some hay in their feeder, Winnie and April enjoyed talking in front of the fan for a while. It must be said here that Winnie’s only chores now are feeding her bunch of cats and checking the water for the two mares in the corral. She feels almost like a lady of leisure. She will bring her three bulls into their corral the first weekend in August.

Sunday was church, Sunday school, a nap when she got home, chores and watering, and early to bed. If a day can be lived in one sentence, this was it.

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