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The results of the yard/house decoration contest are in. And a bright accomplishment it was. First place was awarded to Jim and Shantel Higgins; second place, Jonathan and Kandi Burden; third place, Paul and Ashlee Simpson.

There were so many dazzling entries, the city council awarded six honorable mentions: Bruce and Kaylyn Hansen, Dustin and Bethany Hegsted, Brooks and Amanda Hess, Dylan and Jamie Reeves, Joe and Julie Shinkle and Wesley and Faith Williams. Thanks to all who took the time to share your talent and time and light up the night for the rest of us.

Mayor Brett Merkley sat in the hot spot for the last time at the recent city council meeting. He and Cindy Cheney relinquished their place in the city government to Shane Baton, mayor elect and Ann Whitaker and Kurt Hansen. These individuals will join Kelly Donovan, Karen Caldwell and Irene Jensen for the next few years on the Corinne City Council.

At this meeting, council members struggled over wording and intent in the current nuisance ordinance. After studying the most recent adjustments to the ordinance, this council decided to leave the final decision to the next council that will take over in January. A public hearing will be held later in the New Year and the final outcome will be placed in the city ordinance book.

A bid was accepted for the camera inspection of Corinne City sewer lines. This is a requirement before the replacement of any ancient piping can be done.

There may be a “time capsule” on the old Corinne Elementary School grounds near the flagpole. It was hoped that permission to investigate this site could be obtained before the building is sold or demolished. The previous secretary of many years ago, Rako Yagi, brought this to the attention of the city council. How cool would that be? Anyone else remember this event? How about the precise location of the capsule site?

Little Preslee Norman became a member of the Corinne First Ward recently. She is the daughter of Katie and Bryce Norman.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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