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“Burr, Burr,” if you haven’t noticed it is really, and I mean really cold in Portage lately. I was told it was as low as minus 4 (-4) degrees the other morning.

If you live here you know exactly what I am talking about and I tell Grant every year how grateful I am for our garage. He gets tired of hearing it but I am so serious. I look around town and see the animals big and small that endure the cold and was contemplating how they do it. Cattle have a skin layer of course then a fat layer and then they have a thick layer of hide to cover it all. They are good as long as it doesn’t get wet and then if the wind starts to blow it really gets cold for them. Ranchers here make sure the cattle have fresh hay every few days to lay on to help with the cold. This shows my non-cattleman experience but they can even get pneumonia and die or freeze to death if not taken care of.

Sheep on the other hand, if left with a thick coat of wool, can fend off winter a little easier, especially with an enclosure. Of course cattle can have enclosures that help. Some I have seen in pastures around here are made of wood, and also enclosures made of metal. They look like half of a large, very large, pipe. It does keep the wind off of the animal and they can hunker down close to one another. Pigs also need warmth, especially if they have a nursery and sometimes the cement floors are heated for the little ones and mamas. Usually the adult hogs have at least a three-sided shelter. Makes me grateful for my warm home.

Just heard that there was some excitement out on Portage Lane on Christmas Eve. When Denton and Bob John went to feed cattle Christmas morning, they were surprised to see that about 200 feet of their fence along their property south of the lane had been ripped out. Looked like it was a four-wheel vehicle of some kind and had come from the west, out of town, and lost control going off the side of the road then spinning and spun out his tires, which dug even further into the ground. Evidence indicates that they then backed into the field, taking more fence down, and headed up the steep grade and back onto the road heading east. Sheriff’s Department was called and deputy stated that they were probably drunk or looking at a cell phone when it happened.

The Dunhill’s have a new puppy named Jack. He was left on their door step on the day after Christmas. The note said that it was from Santa’s Elves and they were sorry that Angel, their white lab, had lost her puppies and everyone was so sad. She had birthed eight of them and they all died. Angel was almost inconsolable. Last I heard, Jack was trying to get to know the dogs in the family and was happy to be there.

Wanted to share that our grandson, Cody Casperson, who has a real talent for piano, gave us proof for Christmas on a CD he recorded. I had told him that all I wanted for Christmas was one I could listen to whenever I wanted. I asked him once if he knew what a “God-given talent” was. He answered “no,” so I then explained that this is a talent he has had since birth. Of course he is terrific!


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