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Everly Wheatley had another guitar performance. She performed at the Our House facility in Tremonton. This time she was not as nervous as the first time and obviously more relaxed.

All the five older Wheatley daughters are getting used to having a new daughter/sister. Laura says they are enjoying it.

Laura also reports doing her shopping from home online she has been successful. The family will have Christmas at home. Laura says there will be a Christmas for her family soon. She will stay home with Kyra, but the rest will go with Zane anyway.

Orson Poulsen has been sick this week with what Jeanette had last week. He is recovering.

Jeanette Poulsen went to a Christmas party and meeting with her Happy Harvest Quilters Club at the Senior Center in Tremonton. “It was way fun,” Jeanette reports. For gifts the quilters enclosed things in decorated Christmas stockings and their owners. The meal was pot luck and all kinds of good foods were present.

Boyd Udy has been helping the Adams move cattle around, and changing pastures. He too still had some Christmas to prepare before the big day.

He went to Brigham City with a wagon and team to help Bishop Gordon Conner and his councilor Mike Woodward drive the Stake Young Single Adults around. All had a great time and lots of fun. The Stake Center is located near the Armory in Brigham City.

Jim and Starr Mitchell enjoyed being with their granddaughters this week. They colored Christmas pictures. Gabi was very busy making homemade presents and wrapping them. “It was creative,” Starr explains of Gabi’s efforts.

Gabrielle’s school had a Christmas performance at church in Ogden. All classes in kindergarten through eighth grade sang thee songs each.

Starr’s brother Patrick came to Promontory for a delicious meal of bacon cheeseburgers. “Yummy,” was the word for the meal.

On Saturday, the members of Starr and Jim’s congregation in Brigham City decorated the church for Christmas. All had a good time.

On Monday, Winnie Richman and good friend Carolyn Carter drove to West Point to visit their art teacher and her dear friend to deliver Christmas gifts and just chat for a while. The visit found both ladies well and happy.

After the visit, Winnie took Carolyn to lunch at the Chuck-A-Rama for Carolyn’s Christmas present. Both ladies decided it was good not to have to find a place to store another gift.

Tuesday, Jim Mitchell came over to help Winnie feed the cows and horses in the field. The cows were grateful. So was Winnie.

When the feeding was done, Winnie drove in to the Bear River Valley Co-op for new tires on her truck. She also picked up some feed for her fattening steers. That night, son Lyle came out and unloaded the feed into a steel box where Winnie keeps it near the steers.

Wednesday, Winnie went Christmas shopping in earnest. She finished, did chores and watering, and spent the evening getting ready for Christmas. She will still need several more days to be totally ready. Winnie is grateful for the help from family and Jim and Starr Mitchell. “I will not say I’m getting old,” she says, “but I am getting more and more enjoyment from being done for a day and resting in my house!”


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