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The long-awaited, first-of-the-summer holiday has passed. Many of us vacated the premises and enjoyed family and friends in different locations and a change of scenery. Wasn’t it great! Big parades, little parades, music and noise, barbeques, and vendors. This Fourth of July was one for the books. It acted as the release from bondage and let’s get on with real life. Hope yours was fun, too.

My lawn has not improved from it’s parched, “please give me a drink” attitude. And unfortunately I cannot grant its wish — especially if we want water through September 2021 and all of 2022. My eight outside plants get watered by hand, pitcherful at a time. And they are flourishing surprisingly well.

Tate Craner, son of Misty and Trevor Craner, was baptized last week. However, sorry to say, all was not well for everyone during the holiday. Lucy Reeder has been recuperating in the hospital. Best wishes go to her. Linda Norman was the recipient of some freaky fireworks debris during the display at the ballpark on the Fourth, resulting in several hysterical granddaughters as our own EMT unit went to the rescue. By the way, Mayor Merkley, the fireworks were great. Thanks.

And more sadness and heartfelt condolences are offered by the community to Debra Bagford, Ken Dillree and Van Bingham, all of whom suffered the loss of their mother over the holiday week.

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