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Hello Tremonton! I’m writing this letter to the editor in an effort to inform you about the upcoming opportunity for you to support democracy in our City and to encourage you to do just that. On November 2nd, Tremonton will have an election of some of our City officials. It will include the Mayor and two of our City Council Members. Hopefully, you know just how important these positions are to our lives, whether it’s dealing with the police and fire/EMS protection that we need so dearly, our water system, our roads, our parks, our Library, our local taxes, and so much more. We need people in these positions that can make our lives better, safer, and more fulfilling.

I won’t name the candidates for these positions. Really, we as voters are responsible to find out who they are and to learn more about them so that we can make informed decisions about who we vote for — so that we can truly make Tremonton and even better place to live.

Only one candidate is running for the position of Mayor. I’ve done some research and watched this person in action for the City and learned that he is impressive, capable to do a good job as Mayor and committed to our City and its residents.

Four candidates are running for the two positions as City Council Members. One is an incumbent, who I also have watched and learned about; and I’ve come to respect. The other three candidates are write-in candidates. That means that they signed up to be candidates after the initial ballot due date, but prior to the write-in candidate deadline. What does all this mean? It means that only one name will be on the ballot for a City Council Member, the incumbent. Then, there will be blank lines on the ballot where you, the voter, can and should write in one or two of the write-in candidates’ names. If you vote for the incumbent that will be named on the ballot, then you can vote for one additional write-in candidate. Another option is that you could choose to just vote for two write-in candidates.

The most important thing is that you vote, and that you be an informed voter. Learn about the candidates, what experience they can bring to the position, what their views may be on key issues, and how they will work to represent you, your positions on issues, and how effective they may be as a decision-maker for our community. Democracy is vital to our Country, but it only works if its citizens get involved and vote. So, help Tremonton and democracy. VOTE!

Jeff Hoedt


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