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A heartfelt Thank You to our Box Elder County leaders, organizers and workers for the wonderful fair and rodeo.

We as a people have long needed something to bring us out of this seemingly multiple-years’ long stupor of political savagery and the Covid-19 pandemic roller coaster ride. For me, and probably many others, this annual event was the perfect venue at the perfect time for a booster shot of patriotism, and it was wonderful to see the massive turnout. I worked at the Lions Club hamburger stand at the rodeo and made a point of going to the stands for the opening ceremony.

It brought tears to my eyes and electricity to my soul to hear a beautiful prayer for our great nation, followed by a splendid rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Every person was standing, every hat in one hand, with the other hand over a heart. Judging from the uproar at the end of the song, I was not alone in my feelings. For too long, too many of us have been subjected to the political tirades of a few who hate this country and everything that is good and decent.

Having lived in several underdeveloped countries in my long foreign service career, I have observed one consistency in the hopes of those beleaguered people: a desire for a better life in the United States. These people line up day after day around the block of the U.S. Embassy in the almost impossible hope of receiving a visa to enter the USA. My question to the haters of this nation is this: Why don’t you trade places with them?

God Bless America and The Constitution of the United States of America

Michael Bowcutt


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