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Issues with county road maintenance

This week I received a politician’s e-mail beginning with “Dear Friend”. Shall we befriend Commissioners who intentionally do not maintain County Roads?

When I-15 was built, service/access and frontage roads were designed, built, drainage installed, fenced apart from private property and paved. A map of the roads, and government rights of way, with the obligation of maintenance was then given by the State of Utah to Box Elder County. The County receives annual maintenance money from Utah State for this duty. The present County Commission and road supervisor Bill Gilson, in their positions of power over the people, refuse to maintain the roads spoken of. Indeed, they created an ordinance to deny such maintenance, which affect other County residents’ roads. This ordinance can in no way be lawful and is against State and probably Federal regulations.

One particular road I mention targets four individual parties who pay a LOT of property tax. Those who use this road the most have a sweet family of little children and dear friends and extended family who now must drive over deep ruts. The Commissioners told me they planned to let the road go back to gravel. Yet, even though it is the County Road they will not now even put gravel in the holes they allowed to form! This is a mapped County road to be maintained for us all. It should be restored to the original pavement.

This is not just directed at Stan Summers. It is time to replace all Commissioners who vote not to maintain our roads. Must residents of Box Elder County resort to law suits to get their County Roads maintained?

Larry Pierce

Brigham City

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