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The annual Skyway Junior Golf Tournament was held Thursday, July 9 at Skyway Golf & Country Club in Tremonton. Seventy-five local boys and girls aged 6 to 18 participated this year in the tournament, which was organized by Pam Shaw and Devin Kidman, the PGA professional at Skyway.

Participants were split into four age divisions. In addition to a nine-hole round, there was also a longest putt and longest drive contest.

Business sponsors of the event included Helo-Wood Helicopter Inc., Miller Gas, HLS Construction, Dominos, Toads Fun Center, Kent’s and Post Consumer Brands.

Individual sponsors were Terrell Burnett, Reed Stokes, Randy Cole, Daren Sorenson, Jim and Teri Holmgren, Joel and Laura Wood, Sam Prom, Jeramie Nessen, Shane and Colette Holmgren, Nick and Leona Valentine, Dave and Sandy Burnett, Brad Gardner, Alex and Jamie Lewis, Dave and Pam Shaw, Sharla Richardson, Mike Allred, Kenny Allred, Reggie Pugsley, Jason and Cami Rose, Steve Hurd, Ron and Faye Clark, Don and Deann Anderson, Ron Oki, Craig Anderson, Tom and Debbie Stokes, Bart and Linda Bingham, Cory Anderson, Kyle Hansen, Richard and Denise Wells, Tyler and Cindy Pugsley, Larry Kidman, Mike and Tiera Williams, Ryan Giles, Kenny and Karen Jones, Randy and Marsha Kent, and Gordy and Melanie Young.

Here are the winners by age group:

Age 6-9

Girls: 1st Davi Williams, 2nd Morgan Coombs, 3rd Scarlet Wood.

Long putt: Abi Rose

Long drive: Morgan Coombs

Boys: 1st McCabe Bunn, 2nd (tie) Stockton Carter, Declan Lish

Long putt: McCabe Bunn

Long drive: Ben Haramoto

Age 10-11

Girls: 1st Rynden Bingham, 2nd Aliyah Francom, 3rd Avaree Haramoto

Long putt: Rynden Bingham

Long drive: Rynden Bingham

Boys: 1st Rayden Pugsley, 2nd Wyatt Hawkes, 3rd Dustin Bunn

Long putt: N/A

Long drive: Jackson Bunn

Age 12-13

Girls: 1st Tylee Bennett, 2nd Destiny Thompson, 3rd Paisley Barfuss

Long putt: Sara Pace

Long drive: Sara Pace

Boys: 1st Brady Woodward, 2nd Karter Crozier, 3rd (tie) Cameron Norton, Cutler Christensen, Daxton Lish

Long putt: Marcus Williams

Long drive: Cameron Norton

Age 14-18

Girls: 1st Skylee Haramoto, 2nd Jenell Iverson

Long putt: Skylee Haramoto

Long drive: Skylee Haramoto

Boys: 1st Dylan Christensen, 2nd Jarret Giles, 3rd Padin Hartfiel

Long putt: Jarett Giles

Long Drive: Dylan Christensen

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