Starr Mitchell and granddaughter Madalynn jumped on the trampoline in Madi’s backyard for nearly two hours. Starr was almost worn out by Madi’s challenge. Madi laughed and jumped, and Starr began to pant by the time Madi was ready to try something else. Starr says Madi tries to imitate older sister Gabi’s maneuver at gymnastics class. The class provides side mats for the younger watchers to have fun on.

Gabi loves school and is eager to go every day. She especially loves music class. She reads 20 minutes every evening, and does 20 minutes of math practice.

The senior Mitchells butchered Chet’s last two turkeys. One is for Christmas. Starr made another batch of Grandma’s chili sauce.

Jim and Starr bought a heavy-duty fly swatter for Gary and Cleo. “They’re biting something fierce,” Gary says. Gary and Cleo walked over to Jim and Starr’s the other day and sat on the porch to meet before heading back home. They are enjoying the tomatoes and green peppers Jim and Starr grew for them.

Last week began school for Everly and Georgia Wheatley. Sister Kate is doing home school preschool and is doing really good. All these girls are loving school.

The Wheatleys picked some green beans. Ruby and Kate helped cut them up. Zane took Everly and Georgia with him so they didn’t get to help. The beans were then canned.

The Utah State Bookmobile notified Laura it will still be coming to the Wheatleys’ yard this year. However, only Laura and Kate will be getting books. The oldest three girls will be in school. Laura will make sure they get plenty of books to read.

Orson Poulsen has put the roof on his quilting cottage. He is in the process of adding shingles to it as he has time. He hopes to have the whole cottage ready by Christmas.

Orson and Jeannette drove to Fort Bridger on Saturday. They attended the Fort Bridger Labor Day Rendezvous. They both purchased several items on sale, but didn’t sell any of their own goods. Those they kept at home.

Boyd Udy pushed cattle on Saturday and Sunday for the final reined cow horse event of the year. It is held at the Utah State University facility south of Logan. “It was a real good show,” Boyd says.

Boyd and Kris’s daughter Jessica and her daughter Kynzie are riding horses of Boyd’s at his home in Tremonton. They can ride longer by saving driving time. Boyd says, “I sure hope we get some rain!”

Monday for Winnie Richman seemed like it should have been called “Telephone Day.” Check this out, call here and there, calls so no one would call her, and on and on! Fortunately, she was able to relax at Feldman’s in Tremonton. Marilyn Feldman copied Winnie’s Christmas card painting perfectly. Then she found exactly enough red envelopes, too. “Thank you Marilyn,” Winnie says gratefully.

Wednesday at art, Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter worked hard on their canvases. Both ladies made good progress.

Thursday, Winnie met sister and brother-in-law Pam and Jack Apodaca at Denny’s in Tremonton to celebrate Jack’s birthday with a delicious breakfast. Good food, great conversation, and just taking time to relax made all three happy.

Friday, Winnie made arrangements to receive two semi loads of hay early Saturday morning — way earlier than Winnie usually gets going. She says, “Once begun, it’s almost done!”

Winnie also took a broken feed trough panel to Dan’s Welding in Tremonton. They said it could be fixed and would be ready on Monday.

Saturday, the hay came in two loads, thankfully separated by several hours. Winnie and her faithful tractor “Track-track” were breathing hard after each load. Neither one wanted to stack the hay until several days had elapsed.

Sunday, Winnie spent a restful day at church and in the library. Choir practice was under the direction of guest conductor Chris Reid and also a wonderful guest accompanist, Nancy Pence. Then Winnie drove home for lunch, a nap, and feeding her herd of cats and kittens.