Yaaa! The Bookmobile is back in action. It pulled up in the Wheatleys’ yard last week. Laura and daughter Kate were the only ones home besides little Nora, who was asleep. Kate really helped her mother pick out books for everyone.

Due to their wonderfully warm weather and good hot sun, the Wheatley girls have been outside enjoying their trampoline. They have been good examples to Ruby, who can now do flips on it. Sister Georgia is riding her bike at every opportunity. Even Nora, the youngest sister, is getting her outdoor exercise and loving it. And, there are no mosquitoes!

Everly, Georgia, and Ruby are loving school and doing well at it, too.

Friday night Laura and all the girls had a pizza party. They watched a movie, too.

Orson and Jeanette Poulsen drove to Moab to visit Jeanette’s son Kirk Pearson and family. They were gone from Thursday through Saturday. They took Orson’s horse trailer so they could bring back two more for Orson to work with. One is a registered American quarterhorse and is a true black color. The other horse is a buckskin of quarterhorse origins. Orson says no matter when one goes to Moab or how many times, there is always something to admire about the scenery. This very nice weather made the trip very enjoyable.

Jim and Starr Mitchell drove to the Salt Lake airport to pick up son Steven and his family when they arrived back from their trip to Arkansas.

Starr has bottled some pheasants from their recent hunting during the season. Also, the boxes of tomatoes finished ripening so the Mitchells could put them into bottles for future recipes. Starr says these are just “stewing tomatoes” with no extra flavors. This year the Mitchells’ apple tree produced enough fruit to peel, core, and slice into appropriate sizes to be dried with just a little cinnamon sprinkled on them. They don’t use sugar with their dried fruit, preferring the natural sweetness with the cinnamon.

Ashley Mitchell celebrated her birthday recently. Before the happy family members could sing “Happy Birthday” to her, Madalynn began to sing “Jingle Bells” at the top of her voice. She knows all the words and didn’t want to sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song.

Boyd Udy is beginning to drive two colts, which granddaughter Kynzee named Elsa and Anna (“pronounced ‘Onna,’ Grandpa,” Kynzee instructed him). They are coming right along with their training with daughter Jessica’s help.

Boyd is continuing to work on his barn in town. “Kris is a big help,” he says. They are almost done. Boyd thanks son Bodee Udy and friend Kris Oyler for their help too.

Jessica and Kynzee ride the horses in town whenever they have time. Boyd says all his family is doing well.

Winnie Richman says thanks to Pat and DeRoyce Black for reading this column. Winnie met up with Pat in Kent’s while grocery shopping. They are friends from before Winnie was married and continue to be friends to this day.

Winnie thanks Jim Mitchell for help feeding hay whenever she calls. He also always seems to be in the right place at those times to give advice on quantities and where to put the hay.

Wednesday was art for Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter. Carolyn just needs to make a touch-up or two to be finished. Winnie began another 8 x 10 canvas. The prep is necessary to save time. Oil paint can go on over acrylic, but acrylic over oil paint will peel off as it dries.

Winnie gives grateful thanks to Max Hansen, Cody Ellis, and Dusty, Ken, and Gavin Ellis and their horses for coming to Winnie’s mountain pasture and getting all her cows off there and putting them in the field below the house. They did it in less than two hours, too. The cows seem to be content now.

Saturday, Winnie’s hunt club members came and fenced a quarter of a mile, six wires, and pounded in many steel posts. Son Aaron used the tractor to spread the wires downhill so the fence crew could use the steel posts to attach the wire. Hunt club co-presidents Bret and John Hill came during the week before and planted cedar posts for stabilizers.

When they were through, Winnie and April Richman fed them a small turkey dinner — a beautiful, 23-pound turkey with stuffing, potatoes and gravy, tossed salad, and jellied cranberry sauce. For dessert there was chocolate cake. Winnie is so grateful to April. Without her help, “well, I couldn’t have done it alone,” Winnie says.

Sunday morning Winnie had choir practice at 8 a.m. Since her feeder calves are now on grain, her children will split morning chores among themselves until the first of the year. Last Sunday, Heather came to do morning chores.

Lyle and son Brantzen came that morning to fix the bulls’ feed trough so the cows wouldn’t get their hay. Aaron and April came Sunday afternoon to check on Winnie and help with other things.

Choir practice was great! The songs are beautiful. The choir performed at sacrament meeting. Since choir practice was at eight, there was none after church, so Winnie came home and took a short nap before the evening company and chores. Bed time was indeed early and very welcome.

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