Labor Day! Wow, I can’t believe that the holiday has come and gone. Many people around Portage celebrated in a lot of different ways.

Mike and Letha Harris celebrated by bringing their grandchildren to Portage for the weekend. Even their returned missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Colton, was here to celebrate. They live just north of us and it is always a pleasure to have them here. They come all the time to keep up the property. Their permanent home is in North Salt Lake. I just wish they lived here all the time!

We happened to have made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and their grandkids were happy to take it off our hands. We also had Harris’s on the South side of us this weekend and they hail from Sandy and surrounding areas. They come most holidays with campers, four wheelers, and fun vehicles. Great people to have on both sides of our lives.

The Blaine Wright family headed for the canyon area with their fifth wheel, campers and gear. Their family tries to get together each holiday, also with all the grandchildren. Grant and I? Well, we chose to stay home and have a quiet holiday.

All the kids are back to school. It seems so strange around town. Buses are in gear at different times of day for preschool, high school and others. No children riding bikes and playing in the park. Here comes fall and then we all know what follows that!

Have you noticed the northeast corner at the four-way stop? Doesn’t it look great? Ed Rogers has bought the property and hopes to have his home in and ready for winter. He comes from Cache Valley and is excited about being in Portage. He has already had the trees all trimmed and the grass and weeds are gone. I call him Mr. Rogers of TV fame! Be sure and welcome him to our little community.

Amanda Sanchez celebrated her 34th birthday on Aug. 29. They are our new family that lives at the four-way stop. They celebrated with pizza at a park in Tremonton and then came to our house for cake and ice cream. There is her husband, Clemente, and they have four children: Zxander, Cereo, Kaylex and Eiliana. One of my best friends is her mother, Antonia, who lives with them. Happy birthday, Amanda (and she thinks she is getting old!)

Our four-way stop is getting pretty exciting!

Crawford and Margaret Brown have eggs for sale posted on a sign in front of their house. Crawford says they get about a dozen eggs a day and they just can’t eat that many. He says he is surprised they get that many because they have just a few chickens. They are selling them for only $2 a dozen.

David and Ashley Hawks have moved back to Utah. They are living in the Logan area at present. David is the son of Connie and Bill Hawkes, who were longtime Portage residents, and Ashley is the daughter of Alan and Jill Grunvig. David is working construction at present in Idaho. Welcome back!

Box Elder County has been through town and heat patched a lot of the potholes. It really is better to ride on for sure. It won’t be too many years until we will have to do another patch and seal on all the roads in town. 8800 West is looking great and we will be adding more shouldering toward the Idaho line. I have heard so many comments on how much nicer the road is, being wider and higher to support the farm machinery and the traffic out that way. This road will probably last at least 60 to 65 years. I don’t think I will be around then!

Sgt. Bennett is still reminding us to lock up, even if your car is in the garage. Also, keep your houses locked up when you are gone, especially this time of year and weather. A lot of property is stolen.

Have a great week everyone!