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Curiosity and possibly some personal anxiety was put to rest Sunday as Keith Mecham, president of the Brigham City West Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, explained the changes made to several wards within this stake’s boundaries and the addition of a new Brigham City 29th Ward.

Of personal concern were any changes to the Corinne Wards. Corinne First Ward will remain the same – same leadership, same boundaries. In very rough graphic explanation, Corinne Second Ward leadership will remain the same, but boundary changes will remove a slice of town from the existing ward boundaries. This will include people living in the “new” city subdivision area and individuals living in east Corinne City south of Highway 13 involving part of streets Colorado and Arizona, near the city park and the school and the Methodist church area. These individuals will join the existing River Ward. Contact those involved for a detailed description of the real map.

The River Ward bishopric will now include Jason Bingham as bishop with counselors Chad Hardy and Jason Cook with Tom Little as executive secretary.

The three wards will share the Corinne chapel. The newly revised River Ward will meet at 9:00 am for Sunday worship service with Corinne Second Ward meeting at 10:30 am and Corinne First Ward meeting at 12:00 noon. The construction in the ward house is now clear as new offices are needed for bishops.

Change seems to be the new normal in many things. Adaptation follows and everyone will survive as new people are welcomed and old friends change places.

Corinne city council went over this year’s budget during their meeting last week. Mayor Brett Merkley suggested some realignment to cover utilities in the new shop building. He encouraged council members to bring their ideas for next year’s projects for the first meeting in February.

Sheriff Palmer went over calls involving his department during November and December 2020. He said, again, “If you see something suspicious, call us.” Better to be safe than sorry.

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