It looks like Spring has arrived in Portage! Floods have dried up on 8800 West and mud is solidifying on 9200 West. Rupp’s Trucking will be back to fix the mess that was left on 9200. I am told they will also install a new pipe to take water across the road. Be careful going around that curve please, until that is completely finished. You’ll notice the cones there to help remind you.

The Beus’s need the water in before they can move into their new house at the end of the street. Then the road department will have to kick in and get that road grated and graveled. Other spots around town will also have to be hot patched as soon as the weather is warm enough. 8900 West looks a little rough and so does the full length of 9200 West.

While my husband and I were driving out the lane last week we spotted two white swans swimming around on the lake south of the Lane. They were beautiful! We have also seen Crane’s, Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese! I am soooooo grateful that spring is here! Look around the area there are a lot of baby calves coming into the world.

Joan and Ron Startin have been successful in getting me, Lesley Smith, interested in family history. I always said, “That’s not for me! Too boring!” Joan would not take no for an answer and there I was a couple of weeks ago sitting down at the Family History Center, in Garland, learning what needs to be done and how to go about doing it.

I also met a really nice friend, Valene, from Elwood who has been kind enough to help me with every step of the way. I have a long way to go, but so far so good. It is like visiting with family from the past. I have heard these names and their stories all the time I was growing up and now, at last, I feel like I am meeting them. I also found a lot of pictures I had forgotten I had and even a Hymn book that was printed in 1831. This is fun after all!

I was so shocked to find out that Dyke John had past away. Last time I heard he was living in Brigham City in an apartment. If anyone has any details about this I would love to hear from you. He was such a good neighbor right from the first when I moved into Portage. He loved to fish and always made sure that Grant and I had plenty of fish for dinner on hand. He moved to Malad for a few years and then I stopped and spoke to his son Ray, I think was his name, when I saw someone moving things out of his house. Please if you know any details I would like to give a short article in this column about him. If you know how to contact his son, please let me know.

In case you are not aware, I am the one taking care of the town bulletin board at the four-way stop. It is fun to see town and community news posted there, but PLEASE, you need to make the printing BIG so people can see it. I posted some rules but I doubt that anyone noticed.

Suggestions such as: Please remove signs and notices after having in place for two weeks, leave tacks in place for the next person to use, DO NOT USE STAPLES (it ruins the cork), and make printing LARGE & DARK so anyone can read it, and of course my name and number. By and large most people are very courteous. Thank you!

I’m still taking orders for the Portage History book “The Community of Portage—Then and Now.” They will sell for $20 or less.

Oh I wanted to tell you that Robert Barrow has consented to helping me on the Road Department. He is currently also the fire chief in town. He has worked on road construction in California and has a lot of knowledge of what needs to be done and suggestions of how it could be done moving forward. Thank you for the input, Robert!