Jim and Starr Mitchell had their granddaughters for a sleepover recently. It was the first time in awhile. Gabi brought her bow and arrows and showed Grandpa Jim she could still do good at the target. She also was glad to help with the chores. She just wanted to “check on” the animals she got to see the last time she was out here. She decided everything was fine.

Madi has learned to climb stairs really fast. She can go up, but thought she couldn’t get back down. Gabi showed her how to come down safely by sitting down and going a step at a time on her bottom.

Steven and Ashley Mitchell joined Jim and Starr and the girls at Maddox Ranch House for an exchange of the little girls and a delicious lunch. The families say, “Thank you” to Noah who was their wonderful server who did great.

Starr talked with her sister in Illinois. She told Starr that her day had warmed up to a minus eleven degrees!

Zane and Laura Wheatley, and girls all went to Tremonton to go bowling last week. They had a great time. There is an ally just for kids. Zane and the two older girls played together, and Laura, Ruby and Kate played together. Ruby especially enjoyed beating Laura.

Laura says reading time is still going strong. They are beginning to reread some of their library books.

Boyd Udy says his family’s chariot teams did good at the races. They were glad to be back at it on a good track. He says also, “It was a pleasant day there, and I am beginning to get spring fever already!”

He is riding his bay mare trying to get her “more broke.” He means to get her more finely trained and give her more experience at things she already knows.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen claim they didn’t do much during the week. They were kept busy with doctor’s appointments for Jeannette who is improving slowly, but well, after her surgery.

Orson has started riding a 19-year-old leopard Appaloosa (one with spots all over his body) stallion. This horse is well broke, but its owner wants it exercised and taught a few more things. Orson has started slowly so the horse and he can get to know each other better.

Cleo and Gary Petit are still getting out and about now that Jim and Starr have shoveled a path to the road. They also joined friends for breakfast last week in Brigham City.

Winnie Richman is keeping warm since she got new windows and insulated siding several years ago. The only downside to the windows is they don’t leak air when the wind blows; she can’t tell which way the wind is coming from since the windows curtains remain still even in the largest blasts of air. If the wind is blowing from the south, then the storm will probably be worse and last longer than if the wind is strong from the north. This has seemed to be true since Winnie came out here 51 years ago.

Monday was a restful day and Winnie was able to do a few necessary things around the house.

Tuesday, Jim Mitchell helped Winnie feed hay to the cows and started the water to the bulls and heifers. Tuesday evening, Winnie’s driveway was so slick she called Jim to help shut the gate to the road. He came immediately. “Thank you, Jim,” Winnie says gratefully. “Nothing scares me more than falling or being in a situation where I even might fall!”

Wednesday at art, Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter made good progress on their projects. Winnie has already got an idea for next year’s Christmas card. Also on Wednesday, Winnie went to Seagull Book and bought some more reading books to fill her long evenings. The prices were covered by a few gift cards received at Christmas.

Jeff Schultz came Thursday to help feed the cows in the field. He threw it off while Winnie drove. He also chucked the bulls feeder. “Thank you, Jeff,” Winnie and her bovines say.

Winnie enjoyed the Jazz on Friday and Sunday after church. After Sacrament meeting, Winnie headed to Brigham City to pick up her good friend Carolyn and the two ladies headed to the Chuck-A-Rama on Fourth South in Salt Lake City for an early dinner before the 2 p.m. performance of The Little Prince at the Utah Opera on Second South. The opera was wonderful. Winnie arrived home in time to see the Jazz win their game. However, Winnie was able to listen to the game on the car radio while driving home. “I like it better when I can see it,” she says.