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Laura Wheatley says it’s just too cold. It does help, however, when almost all the family is out in the yard but Kyra (the youngest) raking the fallen leaves into huge piles and putting them into bags. The family didn’t even have to haul the bags away. Someone offered to take them away for them.

Laura and her mom, Susan Hendricks, finished canning by doing more grape juice. Laura says “this finished my canning year. Am I glad to have everything washed and put away until next year!”

The school-age girls are experiencing a time change at school. There is now one hour a day less for the students; however, the poor teachers still have to go online with their lessons for those students who need their education that way.

All the Wheatleys were excited about Halloween … and getting ready for it.

There is a certain competition going on in the Wheatley family concerning Kyra’s walking. All five girls are getting her to take steps with them — and counting to see how many she will take with them. There is a lot of excited clapping for Kyra, and also the winner. The most she has taken is 10 steps.

The piano and guitar lessons are ongoing.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are gradually getting their quilting cottage finished. “It is easier to go slower than to have to take time to correct mistakes,” Orson says.

Orson and Jeannette and the other missionaries at Petersen Park enjoyed an end-of-season semi-potluck dinner. Although assignments were made, they were very general and everyone brought something from their category. There were some very good Dutch oven potatoes and many different kinds of salads, etc. Orson and Jeannette took a pumpkin pie and an apple pie.

In spite of the cold, Orson was forced to ride twice this week in order to chase and bring home his cow and her calf. They are now in a tight corral and unable to escape.

Boyd Udy has been in Ogden all week to help push cattle for the big, end-of-season reined cow horse show. There are horses and competitors from all over the West. The end of the show was on Saturday, Halloween, after 10 days of very keen competition.

Jim Mitchell enjoyed the company of his good buddy, Al, for a couple of days.

The Mitchells have been raking lots of leaves. “They almost seem to have fallen all at once,” Jim says. The leaves will become part of their compost pile for use in next year’s garden. Jim has also gotten all the family’s wood ready for winter.

Jim and Starr both got their deer. They brought them home, hung them for five days, then cut and wrapped them. They prepared deer burger, sausage, a few roasts, and various kinds of steaks. They say there weren’t very many deer this year.

Starr has prepared her last two batches of salsa from ripe tomatoes from their garden.

Jim and Starr want to thank everybody for their prayers for Ron Porter. He had gall bladder surgery and is doing well. He is at Maple Springs in Brigham City.

Gabi and Madi Mitchell were excited for Halloween. Gabi went as a vampire, and Madi went as Elsa from the movie “Frozen.” Ashley made their costumes herself. “She is very creative,” Starr says. The girls painted the little pumpkins grandma and grandpa gave them, so they will keep those in the house. The larger pumpkins were carved for outdoor display.

Most of Winnie Richman’s week was taken up by getting ready for the deer hunters. Some came early and left their camp trailers in the field behind her house, and some came the night before with their trailers, hunted over the weekend and went home. “There were not very many deer all summer long,” Winnie says.

Son Aaron and his friend Dennis came to help Winnie with various chores around the ranch. She is grateful to them and for their good conversation afterward.

Winnie again went to church on Sunday. She again enjoyed her time there, but will be glad when things get back to normal.

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