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The concerned team pushing to Slow the Grow in Tremonton wants you, the citizens of Tremonton, to know the following.

First, as a reminder, there are an ever increasing number of us who are working hard to bring the zoning issue for the new River’s Edge Subdivision to be put on the November election ballot so that we, the citizens, can determine whether to repeal the zoning that the City Council passed on December 7, 2021, allowing for the construction of well over 700 new units (including townhomes, apartments) on a newly annexed 135 acre parcel of land at the east end of town. This massive growth of homes and units, along with the many other subdivisions that the City Council has already approved over the past couple of years or is considering for approval now, will lead to a massive change in our historical culture and massive property tax increases resulting from the need for new schools, more culinary water, an enlarged or new waste water treatment facility, additional full-time police officers, fire fighters, and EMS personnel, enhanced roads, and so much more.

So that we, the citizens, can have this opportunity to vote on this issue in November, we need to gather enough signatures from active registered Tremonton voters by February 18th. We actually need to gather at least 1,525 signatures that the County will count and validate.

This past Friday and Saturday, many members of our community were at Midland Square to begin the signature gathering process; and we’re excited to report that we are well on the way to gathering enough signatures. But, we’re not there yet. If you’re a REGISTERED voter AND a resident of Tremonton who has not moved since you registered to vote, we need you to come to our sites to sign one of the petitions. Again, all that this process does now is to allow us get this issue on the November election ballot. Then, if we get it there, we can all decide together whether to repeal Resolution 21-12 that the City Council passed against overwhelming citizen opposition. Then, we can act to get this parcel of land re-zoned to a low-density housing area.

We’re not trying to stop the growth in Tremonton. Rather, we only want to stop irresponsible growth that will very quickly change our heritage, our culture, and our taxes. We hope that you’ll join us in this effort and help save Tremonton by helping to retain its friendly culture, and prevent our property taxes from being increased again, beyond many citizens’ financial ability to pay such high taxes.

Capree Austin


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