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Welcome to October everyone. It seems good to me to have cooler nights and also nice breezes during the day. Trees are turning their beautiful shades and leaves are even falling to the ground.

I had some fun visitors two days ago. At our house now, if anyone comes to the front door our ferocious guard dogs start barking their heads off. If people come through the garage, Scruffy (Pomeranian) and Cooper (Boarder Collie) consider them family and Scruffy will bark some, but not nearly what it is at the front.

Bridger and Payton Wright were at the door bringing us some wonderful tomatoes. They were huge, almost softball size! Picked out of their grandma and grandpa Wright’s garden and tasted soooooo great. Their grandma and grandpa are Blaine and Tami Wright. I have already made a tomato sandwich, which tastes even better when the tomatoes are fresh picked. They stayed and visited for a while — Bridger in his pajamas, and Payton all dressed up like she was 15 or something.

Sometimes these kids like to push growing up. Bridger showed up yesterday to share some deer meat that their family had shot when hunting. GREAT jerky, and can’t wait to taste the other roast and other packages. Just like Christmas. They were out of school because one of their relatives who went hunting with them came down with COVID-19. They did not seem too sad to be out of school, I might add.

There will be changes coming for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Portage in the coming weeks after General Conference, which was on Oct. 4. The sacrament meetings will be able to be broadcast over, possibly, Zoom so that those at home will be able to view the meetings. There will be an announcement going out on church email to explain what exactly to do.

I was driving around town this afternoon and it was so fun to see people I had not seen for a while out in their yards. I stopped and visited with some, and we all hope church will be back to normal soon as possible. You lose touch with people when we’re not going to church each week.

There is building going on over at the Holden’s property. They have already put cement sidewalks where the bridge used to be out front, and also to the north and south of the porch. There will also be a sidewalk from the house to the garage area. An addition on the southwest side of the house will be a double-car garage, and up the stairs from the garage will be a large family room. It will include a large play area for the grandkids and plenty of room for the family to sit and visit.

Their driveway will stay the same but be routed a little more conveniently. Emily said that the large tree in front will be left where it is, and possibly another snow castle this winter. They made one a couple of years ago and it was so interesting to see how it was put together. However, we have to have cold and winter weather.

Vera Rose and I went looking for elderberries last Tuesday. We were told that they are better picked after the first frost. I was excited to find some because she told me she would make me some elderberry jam.

We spotted a bush up by the freeway down on the frontage road. Wouldn’t you know the birds and animals had already been there and left not one berry on the bush. Made a check up toward Daniels Reservoir, too, and didn’t see even one bush. Serves us right — we will have to start earlier next year.

I found this quote that made me think: “We endure when we cannot explain.” I think that with all that has happened this year we will never forget 2020. In my opinion we have grown closer as families, members of communities and members of the world at large.


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