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Every morning we have to check to see if our roof is still intact — the wind has been ferocious for days. Wish the weeds would blow away and not the topsoil on the crops.

Lisa Marble, West Corinne resident, presented her hopes and ambitions for the old Corinne Elementary School to the Corinne City Council last week. Marble has put in a bid for that structure to the Box Elder School District Board of Education and would convert it into an assisted living/senior center for the community if awarded the contract.

The school board has agreed to study the packet given to them by Marble, showing apartments, living quarters, amenities, and family-oriented spaces both outside and inside the building. Engineering work shows the building is structurally sound and could be transformed to the facility.

The school board will award the contract on May 12. There are three bids and Marble’s is second. The top bid is from a real estate company; Ms. Marble has her own company begun several years ago. Marble is looking for citizen support and hopes word will be sent to school board members that Corinne City wants and will support this facility in their town.

In other business, Malina Riser, mosquito abatement representative for Corinne, announced the office secretary, Jody Shelly is retiring. Janet Karren, former Corinne resident, will be her replacement. The public is welcome to drop by the mosquito abatement office April 30 and wish them well.

At this time of year, “When can we start watering the yard?” seems to be the most often-asked question of City Recorder Kendra Norman. Unfortunately the canal company has not given the OK yet. Mayor Brett Merkley said, in response to water schedules, “When we get it, you’ll get it.”

Councilman Shane Baton reviewed the drought plan for the city. Citizens will be asked immediately via letter to begin self-regulating water use in each household. Other measures are in place as per city ordinances if the need arises for more harsh reminders to conserve water, explained Baton.

City cleanup begins the middle of May. Please no batteries, tires, dirt, etc., said Councilwoman Karen Caldwell.

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