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Many of you probably have already heard of the accident a week ago that Blaine and Jeremy Wright were in as they were heading to Logan for a dental appointment. It happened at Beaver Dam and the car coming from the other direction was coming at high speed.

Later we found out the girl was late for work and was in a real hurry. I know Blaine well enough that he ALWAYS drives the speed limit. The driver lost control of her car and swerved in to Blaine and Jeremy’s lane. Thank goodness they are OK with a lot of cuts, scrapes and bruises. They were taken to a Logan hospital for X-rays and scans which resulted in Blaine staying the night at the hospital. Both are back home, sore, but doing fine.

The girl was from Providence and was killed in the crash. I know that I have said this before, but in my opinion we all need to appreciate the moments we have with our friends and loved ones because the next moment is never promised.

Ron Startin passed away on Wednesday the 22nd of September. Joan and Ron had recently moved from Portage and moved to Riverton to a care center, where he could be taken care of and the load shifted some from his loving companion, Joan, who had taken care of him for so long. They were very happy at the facility and Ron and Joan had made many friends for the few short weeks that they were there. Family were somewhat closer and could visit more often. Ron passed with his family around his bed and with a smile on his face.

Joan and Ron lived in Portage for many years and really became everyone’s friends. They made it a point to visit people every day and check how everyone was doing and if they needed anything.

As time passed, Ron became weaker and it was harder to visit any more. He may have been weaker, but he always had a good attitude and a smile. He definitely loved his Pepsi, and of course his sweet wife. When he came to our house and we didn’t have Pepsi he would settle for a Coke instead. I was told that someone actually placed a Pepsi in is casket. Their little blue car is gone and I think we all will miss it tootling around town. Everyone knew who it was, waved and it brought a smiles to all our faces. They were very good friends of ours, like family, and I am going to miss Ron so much.

To catch you all up on things here in Portage (we are growing!), as I count in my head I believe there are eight brand-new houses that are being built or have been built in the last six months. Many new families have chosen to move here because Portage is such a special place. Have I met them all yet? No, but hope to soon get to know everyone. My opinion is that we really need to develop more community closeness and make a special effort to get to know our new, and old, neighbors. Help out whenever possible and as new faces move into town, introduce ourselves and get to know them.

Elections are coming up for Portage Town Council and mayor. Mariah Huggins was appointed as the councilperson over planning and zoning. This will be a two-year-and-three-month position. Max Huggins is filling in for Tyson Nielson, who recently moved to Lehi, Utah. Max is also running for mayor, as is Grant Smith (my husband). Tyson Nelson and myself are running for council positions unopposed. You should receive your ballots in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great week!

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