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It’s finally here! The long, hot, summer days with no schedules and jam-packed family fun!

This isn’t just a regular, old, summer either. This is going to be a make-up summer of everything we missed out on last summer. I don’t know about you all, but our summer in 2020 was pretty uneventful (with the big exception of having a baby, of course). We cancelled our trip to Oregon, we cancelled our trip to Idaho for a family reunion, we got refunded on event tickets, and we essentially sat around all summer trying not to get a fever in case I went into labor (hospital regulation reasons).

However, it’s time to make up for lost time and I am so excited! It almost feels like the world is back to normal, or at least making its way there (except for McDonalds PlayPlace), and it feels refreshing. It’s nice to see places opening back up to full capacity and to finally see people’s smiles instead of masks.

This summer, we are planning a camping trip to Bryce Canyon, a trip to Bear World, two family reunions, and plenty of trips to the pool. We’re hoping to take our daughters on a handful of hikes, and of course, we’re counting down the days to the fair. I’m excited to have Fourth of July back to normal this year (fingers crossed), and we’re hoping to make our way to Bear Lake for a yearly raspberry shake.

As much as I crave summer trips and love planning out our adventures, I’m still going to make sure we have plenty of down time, too. I’m hoping most of our days are still spent in the yard with sprinklers, water balloons, ice cream, and a blow-up pool. I’m planning to roast some smores in our backyard, let my daughters watch the stars from the trampoline at night, and play night games with their cousins past their bedtime.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons! The days are long, the garden is full of fresh vegetables, snow cone shacks are finally open, and everyone just seems a bit happier… and tanner. Summer is what I wait all winter long for, so I refuse to waste the days away.

Whatever your summer plans are this year, whether it’s travelling all over the place or staying home most days, I hope you make it memorable.

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