Boyd Udy is very grateful for this year’s wonderful Box Elder County Fair and Golden Spike Rodeo.

He is especially grateful to the following people: LuAnn Adams, for asking him to hook up his team of black draft horses to drive her and her family in the fair parade on Wednesday and every night before the rodeo in the grand entry; Eli Andersen, for making his buggy available for Boyd’s use; Mrs. Elaine Johnson, for letting Boyd park the buggy on her property just south of the fairgrounds (It was much easier to leave it so close to the fairgrounds); Jan Rhodes and her crew, for the marvelous and many ways she and they helped make this year’s fair the outstanding success it was; the rodeo committee, for the wonderful rodeo performance and specialty acts; and not last or least, his team of big, black draft horses who put up patiently with their baths, driving in many new and sometimes strange circumstances and being asked to perform their duties without much prior practice. Also to Marla Young for all her help, too.

Boyd’s not a person who uses flowery words of praise. He says, “It was a wonderful fair and rodeo.”

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove down to La Verkin on a trip from Wednesday to Saturday where Brother Reese Poulsen lives. The couple also drove further to St. George to visit family and attend the St. George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then they returned home.

Jeannette exhibited two quilts at the fair and received a blue ribbon for each. One of the quilts was hung up on the exhibition wall of the arts and crafts building.

Saturday at the fair, Brother Dennis Poulsen’s band played for a large audience including Orson and Jeannette and Orson and Dennis’s mother Joycle, who came up from Syracuse to listen to him.

Orson and Jeannette’s mission to the Spanish Ward ended Sunday, although their friendships will still be maintained.

Orson also reports the three little seeding trees Winnie gave him are doing fine and growing well. His horses are doing good, too.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are saddened by the loss of a peach tree branch loaded with peaches. They tried to prop it up, but to no avail.

Both the Mitchells have bottled more tomatoes. “It is surprising how many tomatoes are needed each year, so many different recipes,” Starr says.

Starr’s brother Pat came to a dinner of barbecue chicken kabobs.

The pumpkins the two gardeners planted only yielded two small pumpkins to can this year. It just wasn’t a good year for the pair’s garden. However, the turkeys they had done really good. They hatched another nice-sized one last week.

Granddaughter Gabrielle just loves being back in school. Her little sister Madalynn can sing the whole alphabet song and can count from one to 13. So far, she seems to be learning good manners.

Laura and Zane Wheatley and girls went camping at the Box Elder Campgrounds in Mantua for three nights. Friday night Zane’s parents and sister Maquel and her family joined them. All enjoyed the Dutch oven cooking for dinner, then s’mores for dessert completed the delicious meal. All enjoyed the delightful weather for however long they stayed. Zane’s family loved every minute of their camping experience.

Winnie Richman thanks Dr. Dunston for his very good second opinion on her eyes. He said Dr. Turner was closer to her home to do the eye surgery she needs and would do good. “Thank you, Dr. Dunston,” Winnie says for his help on Monday.

Winnie is also grateful to Jim Mitchell for his help feeding the cows on Tuesday. They heard the tractor where they were grazing a half mile away and livened up and came running. The calves are eating well, too, and should do well when they are weaned (taken away from their mothers). Jim also cut the strings for a bale for Winnie’s bulls.

Wednesday was Winnie’s art day. She got another canvas started. By next week it will be dry enough to trace a pattern onto it. It’s an interesting and colorful picture made up mostly of squiggly lines. They haven’t done one like this before.

Thursday evening, Winnie met her children and grandchildren and three great grandchildren at the Box Elder County Rodeo Grounds. They all had fun, but due to the huge crowd had to sit in two groups. Neighbor Boyd Udy drove the grand marshal in the grand opening of the rodeo. LuAnn Adams was this year’s grand marshal. She and her family were all together as Boyd drove them around the arena. The beautiful pair of black draft horses drove calmly for Boyd and did good in spite of all the noise of the crowd of onlookers in the stands.

Saturday, Winnie went to the huge Box Elder County Junior Livestock Auction to see her grandchildren Reagen and Brantzen Richman sell their lambs. Both young people did well and their lambs sold good, too.

Sunday, Winnie rested up in the church library after sacrament meeting. Choir practices went well. They had a beautiful new song to practice which choir director Melanie Young chose for them. Deb Hudson played the music through so the choir members could see how it would be done. They all were thrilled with the new music.

Winnie needs to add here: The Box Elder County Fairgrounds, and especially the beautiful new grandstands, looked wonderful. The county crew members who built the grandstands need to be congratulated! All members of the fair book did a fantastic job in each area. Many more people helped than were mentioned in this fair catalogue. Winnie says, “I am not on any committee, but I sincerely appreciate all of everybody’s efforts in any way that they did to make our fair the best in our state and maybe even the nation.”

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