Orson and Jeannette Poulsen claim they didn’t go anywhere due to the very cold temperatures, snow and terrible wind. However, they were not idle. Orson is constructing cloth frontier shirts on his good Singer sewing machine. They will be for sale at a rendezvous in August.

One comment about the Super Bowl is that he and Jeanette really enjoyed it. They were warm from their fireplace and the last few minutes of the game. The team that won hadn’t achieved this distinction in 50 years!

Jeannette Poulsen joined with friends at Marie Roche’s home for more crocheting lessons and wonderful conversation. All enjoyed this time with Marie, and they’re also learning a lot about their crocheting.

Boyd Udy is sure proud of the chariot team and its driver, Jeff Udy. He reports the team for the fourth time ran the fastest time of the day. The state race meet will be held soon, and then the world finals will be held in the latter part of March. He has been riding a good daughter of his great horse, Crocker, to help get the families’ teams to the starting gate. Boyd’s granddaughter Kynzee also claims this sorrel strip-faced mare.

Boyd says the cows at the ranch have not begun to have their calves yet. Some are due within the next 10 days or so. He sure hopes this weather will moderate soon. “I am ready for spring!” he says. He has not been feeding with his work team yet.

Laura Wheatley and fourth-oldest daughter Kate attended the Bookmobile last week. The two girls got plenty of books for their whole family.

Laura says Everly and Georgia are improving their basketball abilities each week. Laura takes them to practices, and Zane takes them to their games. So far, they have won all their games.

Laura says there aren’t too many deer in their yard, but there is a big owl living in one of their trees. The girls are all excited about it. Laura calls it a messy bird!

Activity day at Thatcher-Penrose 2nd Ward was canceled due to the stake women’s conference. Laura says she would like to have gone, but she was really busy at home.

Winnie Richman’s Feb. 2 was great. It started with chores, then choir practice at 10:30 a.m. Then she got to go to the Sunday school lessons after sacrament meeting. Home, a quick nap, earlier night chores, and then a delicious Maddox meal purchased Saturday and the Super Bowl. “Clynn and I always watched the Super Bowl,” she says. This year it was held on their 52nd wedding anniversary. Winnie always cheers for whichever team seems to be the underdog. This year, her team won the Super Bowl LIV, 50 years after their last win — annnnd, it was also Groundhog Day. The little fellow did NOT see his shadow! Winnie is elated to think winter may soon be over. “For my mother cows, I hope the weather will moderate for lots of good, lively calves,” she says hopefully.

On Saturday, Winnie did all the regular things. Son Aaron and wife April came out and fed the cows in the field. They brought Winnie’s Maddox meal with them and stayed to chat, and congratulate Winnie on finishing the puzzle she got for Christmas from daughter Heather Lott. When they left, Winnie watched the Jazz, and sadly, they lost again.

Winnie would like to thank Jim and Starr Mitchell for all their help feeding the cows during the week. They cut and gathered the strings off the bales, and open and shut gates, so Winnie only has to use the tractor to spread the hay in as many piles as she can. “By spreading the hay out, there isn’t so much chance that a cow will get kicked by a greedy horse,” Winnie explains. “Thank you, Jim and Starr!”

Jim and Starr Mitchell went to grandparent’s day at granddaughter Gabriella’s school. All gathered in the school auditorium to hear each class sing songs for their grandparents. Even the pre-kindergarten class had songs to perform. After the songs, the children had recess. Gabi wanted Starr to lead a conga line. Before long, most of the students were in line to do the conga.

After recess, all the students entertained their grandparents with questions to which they wanted answers. During Jim and Starr’s day at school, they heard the students read them stories, or listen to their grandparents read to them.

After school, Jim and Starr stopped by Stephen and Ashley’s home to grab clothing, etc. for their grandchildrens’ three-day stay at Promontory. The kids were excited.

One of the activities the young girls really enjoyed was grandpa Jim pulling them on their sleds behind his four-wheeler. They laughed as Starr got rolled off the seat and got wet on a particularly steep turn of the sled. They all spent as much time as possible outside on the swing set. After three days, Jim and Starr put them home.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Jim and Starr drove up to Starr’s brother Patrick’s home to eat and watch the Super Bowl. “It was very exciting,” Starr says, “and the team I wanted to win, won.”

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