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Jim and Starr Mitchell celebrated Starr’s birthday along with son Steven’s birthday, whose special day is close to Starr’s, at Steven’s home recently. Steven’s wife Ashley made delicious hero sandwiches and a birthday cake for mother and son’s special meal.

Jim and Starr have been enjoying the recent good weather by taking their dogs along with them when they do their daily walks. All enjoy the exercise. The dogs love rediscovering old, interesting places along the way. The human couple are doing some spring cleaning around the house after their exercise with the dogs. Starr says she learned to spring clean from her grandmother.

Starr’s brother Patrick has paid them some visits, too.

The couple would like to say a grateful “thank you” to Mellon Glass in Brigham City for coming to fix a window spring so the window would slide up.

Jim and Starr both say “hi” to their retired priest, Father Patrick Reuse, who now lives in Los Gatos, California. He is also an avid reader of this column.

The Zane Wheatley family was surprised by the recent quantity of snow that fell. The kids are loving it. Laura took them to her sister’s home to go sliding. They had a good time, but got a little muddy doing it. “They and their clothes will wash,” Laura says. While the children enjoyed themselves, Laura got to enjoy holding her new little niece.

Last Tuesday, Laura invited some of her college girlfriends to lunch. “It was nice to catch up on all our activities since those days,” she says.

The girls are doing good on their instruments. The girl who wants to play the harp will have to grow taller first.

When Laura took the family dog to the vet, Nora asked them where her lollipop was. They told her they didn’t have any.

The family has been watching their Sunday church on Zoom.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen have finished laying the bottom level of their quilting cottage floor with the wood-look linoleum. They will now take their quilting machine to the cottage to install it away from their main home.

Orson is riding a new horse. He says it is really easy to train. It has a good disposition.

The Poulsens drove to Salt Lake City to visit two of Jeannette’s sons. They enjoyed their visits. They also enjoyed watching the Super Bowl Sunday afternoon.

Boyd Udy went to the cutter races on Saturday with his horse. Both teams again won their races.

Winnie Richman drove up to Smithfield to hand in her taxes for the year. While there at Smithfield Implement, she purchased a long-sleeved work shirt for a very reasonable price. She put it to good use as soon as she got home.

Winnie also enjoyed watching the Super Bowl after the Jazz game. They won again, and thereby have the best record in the NBA. Winnie did miss seeing the wonderful Clydesdale horses during the commercial break.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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