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I have heard that some people think Portage is full of quackers already, and I met some just the other day.

I was visiting a new family that just recently moved into town and as we sat talking, 12 — that’s right, 12 ducks came around the corner of the house. I was so shocked that I forgot what I was talking about. They were almost as large as geese.

I said to Chantal, “Are those your ducks?” She replied, “They sure are, and they like to travel up and down our street.”

“Do you see the large black one with white down his front?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “He especially likes Joan Startin to the west of us, and he goes down there at least every other day to see her!”

Joan and Ron Startin live about a block away from where Barry and Carol Parkinson used to live, and the Naugles have moved into their house. I spoke with Joan afterwards and she said it is almost like clockwork that the duck comes down, sometimes with some of the others in the flock, too.

It is Andrew and Chantal Naugle and they moved here from Bear River City. They have five children and one on the way. There is a beautiful garden growing, and cattle and horses in the west pasture. No sign of deer as yet. They were warned that they come down and wipe out the garden, but she said that with their dog that barks when uninvited guests like deer show up, that is probably keeping them away.

If you haven’t seen Blaine Wright’s sign in front of his house, you should drive by and it will make you smile. It says “DRIVE LIKE IT IS YOUR GRANDCHILDREN PLAYING IN THE YARD!” I love it!

We had quite a wind in Portage last Monday. Thank Heaven that it did not topple any of the town’s trees like the storm did a couple years ago. Grant and I had an appointment in Brigham City, and on the way saw several big semi trucks that had been rolled over because of the breeze. At the appointment, one of the assistants told us she had seen at least a dozen trucks in the same predicament. I can only imagine how you would feel having the truck out of your hands and being rolled over by the wind. What a way to start the day!

Vera Rose and I had a fun ride on Labor Day. Neither one of us had ever been to Daniels Dam and Reservoir, and she was looking for elderberries to make jam. Her son said that he was sure he had seen a lot of bushes up around that area, so we took off.

It was a beautiful day, but the first mistake we made was that we took the wrong turn out of Malad and ended up going south. I saw a man fixing his fence, so we pulled off and asked him where to find Daniels Dam. “Well, first of all,” he said, “you are going the wrong direction.” Then he explained how to find what we were looking for. I asked his name, which was Sorenson, but was so nervous I forgot his first. He said he knew Paul Gunnel in Portage. We turned around in his driveway and then back tracked about 10 miles and finally started seeing signs about the dam and reservoir. It was a good, curvy road and we enjoyed the ride.

We soon reached Daniels Dam, but there was no water on one side and people were growing crops on the north side. We went on for awhile, but Vera got a little nervous and there were no bushes in sight, so I turned around and headed south again. We heard later that we should have kept going because the reservoir was further up and it does have water. No one can tell us if there are elderberry bushes.

It was a fun ride and we got a lot of visiting done. Stopped in Malad for a drink and headed home.


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