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Have you noticed the new houses going up on 8800 South? They are going up fast and they look like they are going to be great family homes. The first one is Brittney and Eli Wolfe’s home, and Brittney’s brother Eric is in the second. This is family of Susan and Grant Bell. It’s going to be great having more new families in Portage. Mariah and Mathew Huggins are also building up on the cemetery road, across from the cemetery.

On our block, the Dyke John family has been working hard to clean up the yard and get ready to put a new roof on the house. Jeff told me they are bringing three mules to use the pasture behind the house.

I have really been having fun the last few weeks (not). I have been having therapy to make my body stronger. If you have ever had to have therapy, you know what fun that can be. My shoulders, arms, legs and back are really giving me fits from time to time — not at the same time, but always at different times, so I guess that means that I am improving (I hope).

The other day, Dave, my therapist, and I were walking up and down our street. I not only have Dave as part of my cheering team but I also had Letha Harris, our neighbor, and Grant walking backwards in front of us, cheering and encouraging me on. Dave has to wear a mask, and he leaned over to me and said “I’m glad I have my mask on because they can’t see how hard I am laughing.” I wish I had had a camera!

Some of the things they were saying — “Stand up straight, keep smiling, don’t look down, look straight ahead and on and on and on.” It shows to me just how much they care. I do pretty good, but I get so much out of breath. Dave keeps saying “The more you do it, the better the huffing and puffing will get.” Does that mean I will do it harder or it will go away? I hope the last! So if you see me walking down the street red-faced, huffing etc., know that I am alright and will be even better when I get home.

Juanita and Brent Montoya-Best, who live kitty corner from us, are really having some trials lately. Brent fell and broke his hip. Boy, I can really feel that pain. She has double duty with taking care of the animal family and also making sure Brent is minding his p’s and q’s.

At present we have no one who is able to mow the city streets. We are so appreciative of the citizens of Portage who have stepped up and mowed around their house and property, and also adjacent property and along the right of ways. Thank you so much!

I noticed the other day that a green tractor came by the front of our house and mowed two or three times across the street. Come to find out is was Barry Parkinson, and he wanted to help out one more day before they moved. They pulled out last week for the southern parts of Utah.

Have you seen the cute lambs and sheep across from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? There is a ram in there also from time to time, and be sure that he WILL protect those babies and the female sheep. They belong to the Moses family, and they keep a good eye on them. They are penned in securely, and anyone that is going up and down Main Street I am sure is getting a smile as they come in and go out of town. This is truly rural America.

When Grant and I were going out of town the other day, I pointed out to him that there was a herd of cranes huddled together out in the north field. He was quick to reply that he believed they were call a flock or a bunch of birds. Oh well, on that note, have a great week. Be safe out there.

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