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The steering wheel has been passed to a new driver of Corinne City government. During the most recent town council meeting, Shane Baton was sworn in as the mayor of the city. Baton has previously served on the council and is familiar with many issues facing the city in the New Year.

Also initiated into the council were Ann Whitaker and Curtis Hansen, both of whom have served the city in past years.

Immediately Mayor Baton gave out assignments. Kelly Donovan will handle finance, buildings and water issues. Karen Caldwell will be over the fire department and the historical Museum. Irene Jensen will be deputy treasurer, cover assignments concerning parks/recreation and irrigation.

Curtis Hansen will take care of roads, animal control and emergency preparedness. Ann Whitaker will delve into sewer/drainage, equipment and garbage duties.

Continuing the city maintenance will be Kelly Nicholas and JL Nicholas. Justin will be the animal control person. Welcome to the new council and responsibilities.

Also new to the city is Officer Austin Bowcutt, the new law enforcement agent assigned to Corinne area.

In other business, Melinda Riser reported on the happenings in the Mosquito Abatement office. Riser reported that more help is needed in this area and encouraged anyone 18 years and older who is interested to apply for employment. If not enough part time (summer) help is recruited, a full time employee may be hired. There is an indication that working with drones will be part of the program. Anyone with training in this area would be welcome to apply also.

Mayor Baton encouraged council members to review the city ordinances in their particular area of assignments in case there may be some clarification needed and bring it to the attention of the council for needed revision.

Council woman Karen Caldwell gave the monthly report of the activities of the Historical Museum committee. KSL interviewed Caldwell which resulted in more donations; Drewes Floral participated in the shirt event; a $22,100 grant has been awarded to the Historical Museum committee with the possibility of a “matching” grant; the sale of two of Kelly Donovans’ paintings has been donated to the cause. Shirts are still available for purchase.

The much debated and discussed Noise Ordinance was again brought up and council members agreed to digest the content and then add a time element for clarification. It was put on the agenda for next meeting.

Mayor Baton declared the need to remove nine trees north of Mim’s because of breaking limbs and possible liability issues, and said three bids have been received for the work.

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