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Century Elementary School in Bear River City is brimming with wonderful things. Over 400 students are ready to learn and grow with a new principal, enjoy teachers and staff members.

After 13 years at Century as a teacher and a literacy coach, Wendy Dunham is now the principal of the school. At Back to School Night, Dunham was walking the halls, smiling and greeting parents and children alike.

Staff members this year include custodian Mr. Marshall, full time councilor Mr. Bishop, Lindsay Davis, literacy coach and Mrs. Bennett, speech and hearing specialist. Mrs. Holmes will teach functional skills class. Mrs. Bette Dallin and Danielle Barfuss make up the office staff.

Kindergarten teachers include Mrs. Kimber, Mrs. McDermott, and Mrs. Young. Ms. Hyde, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Little and Burrell will look after the first grade. Second grade teachers are Mrs. Call, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ward. Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Roche and Mrs. White are teaching third grade.

Fourth grade teachers include Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Hodges and Mr. Vincent. Mrs. Cook, Ms. Crawford and Mr. Hartelius are over the fifth grade.

As kindergarten classes will not begin until after Labor Day, there will be a special Back to School Night just for kindergarten students where they will meet their new teacher on Thursday, September 2 from 5-6 p.m. at the school.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fertig, PTA president, has new school T-shirts available in blue or grey along with activity ideas throughout the year, even rockets closer to summer. An added benefit to a PTA member — a free family natatorium pass.

Free breakfast and lunch will be available to all students this year as the continuation of COVID funding lasts a bit longer, reported Colleen Hancey, district representative over kitchen purchasing. However, she encourages parents to sign up for free/reduced lunch in spite of free lunch offered this year. This enrollment will enable Century to continue to function as a Title One school and its many benefits to students.

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