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On New Year’s Eve, Laura and Zane Wheatley and daughters enjoyed a party at Zane’s sister Maquel’s home. The families participated in a New Year’s countdown, albeit early, with horns that unwound but didn’t make noise. Then the kids jumped eagerly on large bubble wrap just for the banging noise. Everly and Georgia were allowed to stay up until midnight.

The next day, the Promontory Wheatley’s went to Laura’s sister Joanne’s newly finished home to have lunch. The house is beautiful!

On the weekend, all went to JD Norr’s home to celebrate his 95th birthday. The Wheatley girls all made him birthday cards, and then everyone sang “Happy Birthday to You.”

Jim and Starr Mitchell stayed home on New Year’s Eve and stayed safe, according to Starr. Their granddaughters Gabi and Madi stayed with them last week through New Year’s. All had fun. They played in the snow and slid down a gentle hill nearby, and had fun with grandma and grandpa. The snow activities lasted until Starr got tired, then they went to the house to dry off. However, when the kids dried off, they wanted to go back out and play some more. Starr changed their minds by suggesting stories to read and tell, and a puzzle to put together.

Starr says Madi always wants to “help” Starr, with whatever she is doing, even dishes. Gabi is more attuned to craft projects. She likes to make things for people.

Orson and Jeanette Poulsen had a quiet, early-to-bed New Year’s Eve. On Jan. 2 they toasted in the new year with egg nog and treats they had purchased.

Orson maintains the quilting cottage is going more slowly to completion due to some trouble with the ceiling. It will be remedied and hopefully the cottage will be complete soon.

The company the couple got their machine from informed the Poulsens they would receive a totally new machine for only $300 eue to the constant nature of repairs to their original machine. Orson was excited to get the new machine. It works perfectly! He hopes to have his quilting cottage finally finished very soon.

Orson has been having fun with another horse he is training to drive on a cart.

The Poulsen couple took a trip to Layton to visit a family from France. The lady works for the World Health Organization headquartered in Switzerland, near the border with Switzerland and France.

Boyd Udy and wife Kris had a good new year, but went to bed early. Boyd says everybody in his family is well. He and his cowboy friends are putting out cups of supplement to the mature cows in the pasture. The available feed is still good, but they still need to supplement for general good health and in good shape to calve.

The cutter races started Jan. 9 in Ogden. He helped take his family’s teams to the gate on one of Crocker’s good colts.

Winnie Richman is still recovering from her back surgery. She is doing better every day. She is doing her prescribed exercises. She is also driving her truck to town and church. She had a great New Year’s Eve reading and watching the ball drop at Times Square — at 10 p.m.

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