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I have great respect for South Dakota's Governor, Kristi Noem. She did not use her position of governor to issue a mandate for her citizens to wear a mask or tell which businesses were essential and which were not.

North Dakota had a mask mandate in place while South Dakota did not and the results were … the same. Governor Noem believes that the citizens are responsible for their own health and well being and it is not the government's role to take control of the people's health.

Governor Noem believes all businesses are essential so that they can feed and take care of their families. Government should never deem which businesses are essential and which are not essential. The people thrive when government operates within it's limited boundaries.

Sadly, Governor Noem was only one out of fifty Governors that stood for the rights and freedoms of the people she represents. It is very troubling that there were not more Governors to be true to their oaths of office.

There were many media stories that were reported about Governor Noem's state that were not true. Her state never exceeded hospitalization for the COVID virus. South Dakota's hospitalization on the worse day was a little over 600.

Governor Noem did not ever order a single business or church to close. No mandated shelter in place order. She believes in the liberty of the people in her state.

I love that we are taught correct principles and teachings and then allowed to govern ourselves. We can have risky freedom or peaceful slavery.

Governor Noem is correct when she stated, "COVID did not crush the economy; government crushed the economy." I encourage everyone to listen to her 2021 CPAC speech, it was uplifting and inspiring. She is truly an American patriot!

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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