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Ah, October. The strange month of October ā€” not quite hot, but not quite cold. Turn on the furnace, or wait. Huge harvest moons and later sunrises. Walking pre-dawn and noticing fewer and fewer geese flying overhead.

October, the month of questions. When should I quit watering the lawn? Why are those blasted weeds still growing? Do I prune bushes now? Are the winter coats clean? What about lawn fertilizer?

October does have the spookiest holiday, though. Already there are ghouls in the front yard and ghouls poking out of hollow trees and ghouls dancing in the breeze from trees. And Christmas decorations in the stores. Really?

As time plods on and we begin to realize we have made it through nine months of turbulence and uncertainty, October becomes a month of thankfulness. Glad kids are in school; glad harvest is going well; glad for good neighbors and friends and families.

The electrical company has begun its trimming of trees that are interfering, or may interfere, with residential electrical service. Perhaps a course in barbering would be appropriate. The trees are split open and laid bare in a ā€œVā€ shape or completely shorn down on one side. Poor, embarrassed trees. But they will grow back. A lesson to us all.

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