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The Portage Town Council met recently to review last year’s town budget, and to prepare and vote on the 2020-2021 budget.

Business was conducted as usual. Councilmember Smith was absent because of illness and Councilmember John was absent being out of town.

Mayor Nic Tree said it was a quick process to amend the current budget and pass next year’s budget. Public comments were mostly concerned about speeding in town and people not stopping at the stop signs. Sgt. Bennett of the sheriff’s department recommended that we might add flashing lights to the stop signs on Main Street in town.

The old park mowers may be put up for sale to the highest bidder.

There was concern that using the new mower for the streets may ruin the newly purchased mower. The county may have to be hired at $65 an hour to mow our streets if all other efforts fail. Private homeowners have been doing a great job around their property. Barry Parkinson was helping a great deal, but has moved from Portage.

One citizen demanded that we gravel and seal the road by where her adult children were building new homes. She wants it done by winter, and will be back on the agenda next month.

Councilmember Smith and the sheriff’s department are working to be able to facilitate more police presence on this roadway. A black box was placed and recorded information as to when the traffic is highest, and also to have deputies scheduled at that time. At some point, we would hope as a community for drivers to be more responsible and mindful of children and traffic in the town limits.

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