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The most recent Portage Council meeting was different than usual.

Everyone received an announcement like this: “Hello, everyone. We will have town council in the town hall this evening instead of the bowery at the park. There will be masks for those who don't bring one. The spacing will be six feet apart as much as possible. This meeting will be an abbreviated one, and we will stick to only the priorities and stay on task. We do not have any public comments listed on the agenda and if there are any issues that cannot be resolved in a timely manner, it will be moved to the June meeting. Hopefully these measures will keep everyone safe.”

This was sent by Mayor Tree to all involved in the meeting. This announcement was felt to be necessary because the state at the time was at the “orange” risk level, and was recommending no more than 20 people in a meeting.

The meeting began promptly at 6 p.m. with the opening ceremony and a review of the last two months of town business. Of note is that the water resolution for 2020-21 for summer water rates was passed and there was only one change. This resolution was mailed out with the mayor’s notes.

The meeting went quickly into planning and zoning to approve several building permits: Tyson Nelson’s shed, Mariah Huggins’ home permit, and Williams’ home permit on 8800 South. Martina John also announced a new commission member, Ed Rogers, who is joining the planning and zoning committee.

Tyson Nelson needed a council vote on a new water meter reader for this summer. The person chosen was Brogan Hall.

Lesley Smith presented a statement for the finish of the Transportation Corridor Fund to pay and finish the road on 8800 West to the Idaho border. It was decided and voted on by the council that the county would be paid half of what is now owed them in this fiscal year. The balance will paid in full in the next fiscal year. There are repairs that need to be finished before we go into winter: potholes, grading and other problems that need to be addressed. In the fall the county will finish off the shoulder work and cement work at the northern part of 8800 West to have it ready for the coming months.

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