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A Portage Town Council meeting was held Wednesday, Nov. 11. Because of the governor’s statements about public meetings, it started at exactly 6 p.m. and ended before 7 p.m. Only two citizens were present and all, including the council, sat six feet apart and all wore masks as mandated.

When the opening ceremony was complete and the regular business was completed, the meeting was opened to discuss the vote on the CARES Act, which is coronavirus relief fund monies from the State of Utah. State and local governments may only use the funds to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Box Elder County received coronavirus relief funds through the state distribution. The county may manage reporting and disbursement of the funds on behalf of the municipality. The CARES Act and additional guidance issued by the U.S. Treasury provides that the funds may only be used to cover costs that meet the following conditions and are “necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency.” The parties have until Nov. 30 to spend the funds provided by the state.

Mayor Nic Tree presented to the council that it could use these funds to purchase a defibrillator equipped with Real CPR Help, a dashboard for CPR feedback that provides real-time quantitative data showing rate and depth numbers (beats per minute and inches of depth). This would upgrade our response team when called to an emergency.

We have a small volunteer department that provides EMS for two communities and I-15. We have seen increase in volume and we would like to purchase a monitor that would help the EMS personnel minimize patient contact. There is a lot more medical support and training from the hospital and all of the departments have been moving this way. Eventually we will all be using these monitors that allow the emergency room doctor to tap into our monitors and advise what we should do.

Cyndi Tree is a paramedic in our town. This year Mayor Nic Tree took a course that will allow him to train people on basic first aid and CPR. This is a great opportunity to update equipment for Portage and help surrounding towns in the process. The town council took a vote to purchase a monitor and it passed unanimously.

A discussion was then conducted on when an electronic meeting should take place and steps to make that happen. A member of the board who is unable to be present at the place of a meeting or hearing can, through electronic means, participate in that meeting or hearing with all privileges as if physically present, if the following are met: a quorum of the board must be present at the physical site of the meeting or hearing; the request by the board member to use electronic participation must be made up to three days prior to the meeting or hearing; and no more than two board members may participate by electronic means at any meeting or hearing.

In the event of a local, state or national emergency, when electronic

participation is the only practical means for participants to communicate, the requirements to be physically present may be adjusted and altered so all participants can meet electronically. The anchor location will continue to be the Portage Town Hall. Public notice of the meeting shall be given in accordance with Utah Code Section 52-4-202. Written notice will be posted at the anchor location and on the public notice website.

The announcement was made that we will be seeking a new recorder/clerk. This position would begin on Jan. 1, 2021 and will be posted to the public to submit a resume if interested.

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