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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen celebrated Orson’s birthday last week. They enjoyed a nice meal at a restaurant in Tremonton. Jeannette gave him several nice presents, among which was a very nice, new frame for one of his favorite pictures.

The quilting cottage is coming well. Orson has put trim around the outside walls. Now that he feels the walls are finished, Orson is ready to start on the floor.

Orson has been riding the horses. They are feeling frisky.

Jeannette has finished binding off another quilt since Orson quilted it.

Since Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Laura Wheatley and her daughters went to Ogden to see her sister Joann’s home for the day. They all had great fun.

Saturday was Georgia’s basketball game, which her team didn’t win (they made many missed shots and tried very hard). Then they all went to Grandma Wheatley’s home to rollerblade on the smooth floor of her basement. After the activity, Grandma Wheatley fed them all some delicious chili. All enjoyed the meal; it was great!

Daughter Kyra is getting two more teeth, which have caused her to be pretty grouchy during the week.

Daughter Nora, according to her mother, is “the chattiest thing on two legs!”

Jim and Starr Mitchell started some spring cleaning since Steven had a holiday from work on Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He claimed the day for him to tend Gabi and Madi.

Since Starr’s brother Patrick had given them a puzzle for Christmas featuring all kinds of wildlife, Jim and Starr began work on that. They are also staying in and keeping warm.

Boyd Udy is now feeding some of the cows with his team and wagon. The tractor and feeding machine are feeding the rest of the cows and weaned calves. This year’s new calves are due the end of February.

Boyd went to the cutter races with his horse on Saturday. He says it was very muddy all over the track. Both teams won their races.

Boyd is providing horses for granddaughter Kynzee and two friends to enjoy for the 4-H horse program. He is also hauling them there.

On Thursday, Boyd took a horse over to the Fort Ranch to help gather the mares. He says “they sure looked good.”

On Wednesday, Winnie Richman watched the presidential inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden, our new President of the United States, and also his vice president, Kamala Harris. It was interesting.

During the week, Winnie was able to get her car onto the road. It had been parked since the snow made it impossible to get out. She has good tires, but the car can’t go uphill in snow. Now we’ve had more snow, it will be parked in place again until the snow melts off the driveway. She will try some snowmelt and see what happens.

Son and daughter-in-law Aaron and April had been to the ranch several times to feed the calves, heifers and bulls their hay. Winnie is very grateful to them. Winnie and April usually stay in the house and chat, but April is always ready to help Aaron.

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