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Jim and Starr Mitchell’s garden has yielded up some sugar-pie pumpkins, which Starr will begin to cook for use this winter when the weather cools off more. The couple has been dehydrating some more of their tomatoes. In addition to dehydrating tomatoes, the couple has been making salsa for their use as needed.

The Mitchells and Starr’s brother Patrick have been harvesting wood by the cord for their winter heat. They have gotten their permits for several cords of their fireplace wood. Jim says they worked hard to get the wood, but the work will be forgotten when they enjoy the heat from their fireplace. They now will split the wood, with Patrick’s help, into more useful pieces. They will stack the wood as they split it up.

The Mitchells have butchered a couple more turkeys for some turkey burger and other useful menu items.

Jim and Starr report Gabi loves school. She is most excited about her science class. Sister Madi can hardly wait to get big enough to go to school, too; however, Madi now has a fish she calls Wally. He is a beta fish. She loves to get up and feed it first before anything else.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen took a short camping trip up to Box Elder Canyon Wednesday through Friday. They enjoyed visiting with some friends who live in Mantua. During their stay, they got into their truck and drove around the roads in the area. Orson says there isn’t yet a complete road around the Mantua dam, but the enjoyed the scenery on the roads they did go on. He further comments on how dry the area is this year.

The couple took their poodle dogs with them. They say the dogs enjoyed the camping and freedom as much as their humans did.

The Poulsens are just watering their garden. The little squash doesn’t seem to have gotten bigger yet. The vines appear to be healthy, and the squash itself is still green, so maybe there is still hope for it. “I will just have to buy what I need for my pies,” Orson says.

Saturday, Jeannette’s son and his two boys came up to visit with the Poulsens. All had a good time. Jeannette went to dear friend Marie Roche’s home for conversation and a crocheting lesson on Monday.

Laura and Zane Wheatley and family are recovering from jet lag after their quick trip to Arizona. On Sunday, since there wasn’t any church, the family went on a hike in Wellsville. They took their time and let the older kids explore. The kids lasted about an hour before some of the hikers got tired. After that, the family went back to a park in Mendon for a picnic.

Zane has been working on the family’s new home’s backyard, getting it ready for some sod. “There’s no use letting it just grow weeds,” he says.

The Wheatley school-aged children are loving being back in school. Laura says, “they are enjoying the change of pace.”

Boyd Udy attended the Box Elder County Rodeo. He says it was “outstanding, fantastic!” He continues to praise Jan Rhodes for her work as the president of the fair board, and Brent Rose as the head of the rodeo.

Boyd reports being half done with his fencing project. He and his team expect to be completely finished next week.

Winnie Richman says “Hi” to Bruce and Marsha Keller, whom she saw at the Bear River Valley Co-op, and Marilyn Stewart, who recognized her with her even with her mask on, and stopped her at Walmart for some catching up and friendly conversation.

On Monday, Winnie took her Jetta to Cutrubus Motors in Layton for some finishing-up work. While there, she looked at a nice, new Jetta, but the price was too high.

Winnie also went to town on Tuesday. She picked up a disc and printout of her knee that hurts so bad. She will take these to her doctor’s appointment at the end of the month to see if he is willing to operate to fix it.

Winnie also called dear friends Betty Wilson and Jacquie Sherlock. She was glad to find them well and mostly happy.

Thursday morning, Winnie joined sister and brother-in-law Pam and Jack Apodaca at Denny’s for Jack’s birthday breakfast treat. Good food and good conversation were their orders of the morning. Afterwards, Winnie stopped at the Bear River Animal Hospital for a vaccine to give to her calves when they were weaned Saturday.

Saturday, the Richmans and several cowboys, headed up by Richard Nicholas, weaned the Double S Bar Ranch calves. It was quite the ordeal. Winnie thanks Richard, Cody Ellis, Larry Ellis, and Max Hansen for their excellent horsemanship in corralling and sorting the calves away from their mothers. Even when several cows and calves broke out of the corral, the men got them back in. However, Winnie’s son said they would come back Sunday real early and vaccinate the calves, since they considered everybody and the calves too tired to do it the same day as weaning. Also, they would bring extra help.

Sunday bright and early, son Lyle and his son Brantzen, Aaron and April, and great friend Tony Gonzales and two of his sons came to the ranch to vaccinate the calves. Winnie says she has never weaned so many heavyweight calves. She hopes the price will be good in October when she plans to sell them. They are already eating their hay and drinking lots of water. Yes!

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