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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen took a short trip to St. George to visit Orson’s brother, Reese, and wife Denise Poulsen. While there, they also visited with Jeannette’s aunts and an uncle. “It was a fun trip,” Orson says. The couple was gone from Wednesday through Saturday.

The Poulsens attended Stake Conference via Zoom on their computer. The stake presidency talked. The talks were very instructive. The stake patriarch gave a really informative talk on patriarchal blessings.

Laura Wheatley says she and Zane finally found a violin for Ruby. It is a quarter-size instrument. It sounded good when they first heard it played.

Kyra, daughter No. 6, is now walking all over, unaided. “She seems to love being able to walk,” Laura says.

School is progressing well for the school-aged children. The one-hour less at school seems to be taken in stride.

The family enjoyed Stake Conference and the new stake presidency’s talk.

Boyd Udy says the last 10 days at the big Utah Reined Cow Horse Association season finale show were very busy. All had to be ready by 5 a.m. and competed until 3 a.m. the next morning. Then, all had to be ready by 5 a.m. again. “It was a real workout,” Boyd says. He used his two good daughters of his great horse Crocker. There were competitors from California, Washington and Nevada. There were a total of 4,500 head of cattle used in the 10 days. “It was way bigger than ever,” Boyd says.

When Starr Mitchell arrived at her son and daughter-in-law’s home, the first thing she came upon was Gabriella showing her bravery in pulling out her two front teeth. First, one of the loosest ones came out, then a little while later, the other one. “Now,” Starr says, “She wants the new teeth in by Christmas. We’ll see what happens.”

Dear little Madi said “She only cried a little bit, grandma.”

“Gabi is so proud of herself,” Starr says.

The two girls had a wonderful time trick-or-treating some of their neighbors before going over to their church for a fun trunk-or-treat there. “It was so cold, grandma,” Madi told Starr. They did share their candy with each other.

Grandpa Jim is still raking leaves and adding them to his compost pile. He is also doing other things to get ready for winter on the home place.

On Monday, Winnie Richman invited Jim Mitchell to her house to see if he could handle her little loader tractor. He had expressed wanting to help her as she recovers from her coming back surgery. He also said he had some experience with other motorized equipment, just not Winnie’s tractor.

Winnie showed Jim the rudimentary things he needed to do, then let him drive it on flat ground. “He is a fast, good learner,” Winnie says. She speaks from 52 years’ experience on the farm and handling most of the equipment at one time or another. She will reemphasize the need for safety and caution at all times.

Wednesday, Winnie stopped at the Bear River Valley Co-op to see if they had any of the bucket heaters she needed for winter. They have several different kinds, but not the ones she wanted. They will order them in for next week.

Thursday, Aaron and April Richman came to the ranch and planted Winnie’s purple-and-white and red-and-white tulip bulbs for next year. Aaron also planted bulbs for a daffodil called “Spring Cheer.” It is pale yellow with lots of petite little daffodil flowers on each stem. There were five bulbs of that.

Friday, Winnie went and got a haircut. She thought it would be easier for her to care for after surgery … if this COVID-19 thing doesn’t cause another cancellation.

Saturday and Sunday, Winnie stayed home. She had found out that Sunday was Stake Conference, but she didn’t want to take a chance getting COVID-19 just before her scheduled surgery. It was a restful two days. She did a few things around the house both days, and went to bed early both nights.

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