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Jim and Starr Mitchell had their granddaughters Gabi and Madi out here at Promontory for three days starting on Easter. These girls are so much fun. Jim and Starr just love watching them swing on the swingset, play with the dogs and cats, and gently handling the baby chicks. Gabi absolutely loved feeding the Mitchells’ baby calf her bottle of calf milk replacer.

In addition to the animals, the family flew kites, blew bubbles and rode the four-wheeler, which grandpa Jim brought out and kept going. To get a rest started, it was suggested they all play hide and seek. It worked as well with Jim and Starr as it did with their granddaughters.

While riding the four-wheeler, the girls wanted to visit great grandpa Gay Petit, who recovered remarkably from his exertions on Easter. He is always glad to see these little girls. They told him all about their hike with Jim and Starr.

By the end of three days, they didn’t want to go home, but grandpa Jim and grandma Starr, although feeling blessed to be with the girls, also felt in need of rest on the next day.

Then grandma spent another day with the girls at the girls’ home in Ogden. Both girls were present since Gabi was on Easter vacation from her school. Gabi was impressed with Madi’s skill in getting out all the ingredients for homemade pancakes. Madi also pulled her stool up to the counter to help Starr mix the batter.

After breakfast, the three girls made a picnic lunch to take with them to the dinosaur park. As they walked the paths, Gabi would name all the dinosaurs before reading their names on the information signs. This reminded Starr of when the girls’ father Steven was little.

The threesome played in the playground before having their picnic lunch. After lunch, they all headed home so Madi could take her nap. Starr and Gabi played a quiet board game.

When Madi woke up, they all hopped into grandma Starr’s car and headed for the nature center for a fun hike in the good weather. Starr pointed out the birds of prey in their cages. These birds are in cages because they could not be rehabilitated due to injuries. The girls had fun identifying animal tracks and birds, and playing along the pathways. That afternoon, Gabi thanked Starr for an “amazing” day. Grandma Starr was exhausted, but felt particularly blessed and happy, too.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen took a trip to Southern Utah on Highway 89 from Provo Canyon to Panguitch. They did not get all the way to Kanab. Kanab is the last town in Utah that is on Highway 89. They did, however, stop in La Verkin to visit Orson’s brother Reese. After La Verkin, the couple drove to St. George to see Jeannette’s son there. Jeannette’s son who is up at Orson’s home is helping out while they are gone. Orson and Jeannette take their dogs with them whenever possible. Also, Reese likes to see them from time to time. Highway 89 along the east side of the Wasatch Mountains has several historical towns along it. For example, Spring City, which is wholly a National Historic District. “The trip was fun,” Orson comments.

An added note is that the couple drove past Big Rock Candy Mountain, also on Highway 89. “It is a big, white rock that looks like candy, and it covers the whole mountain,” Orson says.

Laura Wheatley and her daughters went to Laura’s family Easter party at sister Stacey’s home on Monday. The weather was too cold, so everybody retreated into the house. They all played games and ate their traditional Easter lunch of egg salad sandwiches, sloppy joes, potato salad and deviled eggs. Everybody got a basket of Easter candy. Laura says “Our house is full of Easter candy, but it’s quickly diminishing!”

The Wheatleys are still trying to find their big, black dog. They call the animal shelter several times a week, but he is still gone. The girls are very sad. He has been gone for a week.

Boyd Udy is a proud grandpa! He says granddaughter Kynzee did well at her first rodeo on Tuesday. She is also in 4-H horse activities and doing good there. She is riding a filly by Boyd’s great horse Crocker, and she seems to be taking good care of her rider. Kynzee loves her horse pursuits.

Tyrell Udy and his family are doing well up in Montana. It seems all of Boyd’s family is doing good and making him proud of them. Bodee, Casey and Stacy, as well as Tyrell and Jessica, are all doing great.

Winnie Richman got a haircut last week. It seems a bit short but she says “it will keep growing!”

Winnie is an avid Jazz watcher. Even though they lost a game last week, they are still at the top of the NBA. Yes! Go Jazz!

Winnie is very grateful to Jim and Starr Mitchell for all the help they give her. One evening last week, Starr came to Winnie’s front door with a huge, sealed bag of fresh pea soup. Winnie had some for her dinner that night, and several nights after that, too. “It is some of the best pea soup I have ever had,” Winnie says. “It is so filling and still tasted so good, even thinned with milk.”

Winnie’s flowers are still thick and beautiful. The tulips are just beginning to show some buds. She can hardly wait to see what colors they will be. Her lilacs are thriving and showing the beginnings of many florets. She is very happy since these lilacs are about 30 to 40 years old, and are a gift from Doris Flint Larsen at that time. She will need to cut the dead ones off her daffodils. Her irises are still only leaves, but are probably waiting to bloom in warmer weather.

Jim Mitchell came several times and fed the bulls, heifers and horses. Winnie says “thanks” to him, and also to son Aaron for all their help. Soon the animals will all be on the mountain! Yes! Yay! Hooray!

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