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Orson Poulsen reports all the painting on the quilting cottage is done. He has had the electrician come to begin the electrical part of finishing the cottage. He is about halfway done already, then Orson will only need to finish the wood on the ceiling.

The Poulsen garden is just about finished. They will dig the potatoes soon. Orson says he has the garden plan all written down so he won’t have things in the same place next year as they were this year. He still needs to plow it, fertilize it, and get it ready for next year.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are very thankful to the mosquito abatement people for their control of the mosquitoes in this area. They came at least twice this summer — always when they were called.

Now, the couple is having trouble with skunks. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens,” Starr says.

The Mitchells’ garden still has some giant pumpkins growing for Gabi and Madelynn. “They are supposed to get pretty big,” Starr says. They will harvest them when they get real orange and stop growing. The couple hopes they will get big enough to be exciting for the little girls.

Starr is still dehydrating apples enough to keep two dehydrators busy. She puts a light dusting of cinnamon, without sugar, on them as she dries them. They are so good! The dehydrators have been going for quite a while.

The Mitchells got several 50-pound bags of potatoes from the Howell boosters to make their year’s supply complete. The price was very reasonable. They have also gotten all their wood stacked and covered along with their winter supply of hay for their calves.

Gabriella Mitchell still says she loves school. While Gabi is in school, Starr and Madi go for walks. Madi doesn’t like to be in her buggy anymore. Starr says “she can really walk!”

Laura and Zane Wheatley celebrated their close birthdays together. Laura explained to her girls that their parents would share the one cake she made. The girls made cards for each parent. Everly’s birthday will be in October, and she will have her own cake for that special day. Zane bought Laura flowers and had them delivered to her. They were a fall-themed bouquet of sunflowers and daisies, etc. “Zane’s like that,” Laura says.

Ruby and Kate attended their first gymnastics class during the week. They enjoyed it.

Laura has made some peach-apricot jam, and then some blackberry jam from frozen blackberries. It tastes real good.

Boyd Udy is deep into preparing the ranch for winter. “It’s just things I haven’t done yet.”

Winnie Richman enjoyed Monday at home. She is very happy to see her weaned calves eating well and drinking lots of water. They are all so content to lay around their corral when they are not eating or drinking. They also don’t get up and flee to the corner of the corral anymore when Winnie drives up to turn on their water. Hopefully they are gaining weight.

On Tuesday, son Aaron came out unexpectedly and helped Winnie with several things at the ranch, and hooked up the trailer for Winnie so she could haul some cows to Richard Holmgren’s later. He also put oil in Winnie’s motor tractor. It didn’t need as much as she thought it would.

Thursday, Winnie had some pre-cancerous growths frozen off at Rocky Mountain Dermatology in Brigham City. “Thank you, Tyler,” Winnie says gratefully.

On Friday, Richard Nicholas and Cody Ellis came and got three old cows out of Winnie’s cow herd to haul to Richard Holmgren’s ranch in Bear River City. “Thank you, Richard and Cody, and Richard Holmgren,” Winnie says gratefully.

Saturday and Sunday, Winnie was glad to stay home!

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