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It is amazing the things one can find when walking down a rural road. Just this morning, a pair of reading glasses, laid on a paper plate beside a big rock, was waiting for its owner to come by and retrieve them.

The shovel part of a huge shovel is lying near the ditch. It has no handle, but looks like a grain or feed shovel as it is not pointed, but flat. Many hoof prints, bunny tracks, cat prints all along the snow on the roadside. A big black something is creeping along out in the middle of the field. And the owls are roosting on the roof again! There is no mistaking their white trail of excrement down the shingles!

There seems to be no problem with three congregations meeting in the little Corinne Ward. The parking lot clears out fast between each ward. The furnishings have never been so clean with all the sanitizing going on.

It was kind of fun to learn that through the ward shuffle, Molli Holmes, prior Relief Society president in Corinne First Ward, now holds the same position in the River Ward.

The Corinne Council met briefly last week with barely a quorum available for business due to illness and surgery of several members. Hopefully, everyone will be back to the next meeting. Kelly Donovan was chosen mayor pro-tem for the evening.

Councilwoman Karen Caldwell reported the Facebook page is up and running. She will be using this media to ask for and arrange for volunteers to help in the fire station and with other activities within city limits. Caldwell is also looking forward to public input as to the future of the old Methodist church.

There will not be an Easter egg hunt in April. Council members decided it would not be wise for the large crowd of egg hunters to convene just yet. Council members hosted a dinner for the firefighters last week in appreciation for their work and dedication to the safety of the town.

The annual dog clinic will be held Saturday, Feb. 27 at the fire station. $10 if the dog is neutered and $20 otherwise. Shots will also be available.

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