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Sorry I missed visiting with you last week. I hope everyone had a memorable Memorial Day.

I sent out an ask to the town to see what their feelings about Memorial Day were and I would like to share some of their thoughts with you. No names are shared, so don’t be shy next time.

We will begin with one man who said he was going to sleep. Another person said they were leaving town to visit relatives, another family said they were going to Tooele, and another reply was “not doing a thing.”

“Resting from working too dang hard all the rest of the time,” said another. Some others were “We usually go to Brigham to the cemetery and meet with family for lunch” and “We will be in and out throughout the day, I’m not sure when we will be home.”

I was really impressed by a reply that I got from a young man who has just graduated from high school. He said “I helped my grandma fix up her house and my mom sand down some drawers and went up to the cemetery and paid our respects to family, friends that we lost over the years and some veterans and that’s basically all we did.”

My thoughts about the holiday: I think that it’s a good thing because the members in the service don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. I mean, you hear it on TV all the time about how grateful we are to Amazon employees and the doctors, which we should be, but how about the men that die for our country? You hardly hear anything about them. Times are hard for us right now, but times are hard on them all of the time. The people who serve and protect this country deserve all the gratitude and everything this country offers. WOW! I was really touched, and hope you will be, too.

I think he had some great thoughts for one so young. Maybe all of us need to look around us and see all the things we should be grateful for. We take for granted so many things that could be taken away from us in a wink of an eye. Maybe we have learned that from the pandemic. In my opinion, the servicemen and women give their all every day. Our police give all every day. Doesn’t mean that they are all perfect? Are we? Would we be willing to?

Grant and I drove up to the cemetery the evening of Memorial Day. It was beautiful with the sun going down, and from the cemetery you can see the whole of Portage. Flowers were everywhere and remembrances all around. I am profoundly proud to live in Portage.

Cody Harris and family came for a small family reunion for the holiday in the empty field next to our house. They began arriving Friday, Saturday and Sunday and stayed through Monday. They came with their fifth-wheel trailers, four-wheelers and family, of course. They bring their dogs, and this time everyone seemed to get along (the dogs, of course). I would guess that there were close to 60 family members gathered together! They are always welcome and have become some of our closest friends.

I will share just a little what I have been having fun with. I have had the shingles the last three weeks. I’m hear to tell you that you do not wish this on anyone or your worst neighbor, well — that wouldn’t be nice, either.

I’m sure that many of you have had them, but for me it was a real trial. I had them on my head, skeletal from forehead, middle of my head to the ear and down to the muscles in my neck. Didn’t comb my hair much during this time. If you don’t know, they leave scabs. That is enough. They are pretty much gone now and I was able to get my hair cut today!

Town council and budget hearing will be this evening at 6 p.m. Don’t miss it — it will be exciting for what is happening all next year.

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