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We are a camping family … or at least we were before we had three kids.

My oldest two girls are currently five and three, and we have taken them camping since they were babies. We have walked around campsites with them at midnight in strollers getting them to fall asleep, we’ve searched campsites for binkies, we’ve let them nap in the hiking backpacks, and it’s all been fine and dandy, but we drew the line when our third baby girl was born at the end of last summer.

We typically try to go camping three or four times every summer, but the thought of attempting that with three kids ages five and under sounds … exhausting. Of course, it’s doable, and we’ll survive, but it doesn’t exactly sound “fun.” We love getting into the mountains and showing our girls the joy of nature, but I just didn’t want to be frustrated the entire time we were camping because of lack of sleep.

After debating for several months, my husband and I finally pulled the trigger and bought a camping trailer! We saw our joy of camping dwindling, and we didn’t want to throw our hands up and call it quits, so we went on a search for our “home away from home.” Turns out, travel trailers are one of many things that the pandemic has affected, especially in Utah.

We looked at several different trailer dealers, and unfortunately, most of them didn’t have much to offer. Many of them couldn’t keep trailers with bunk beds (what we were looking for) on the lot, and instead, we would have to put a deposit down for a trailer (without seeing it) so the manufacturer could make it, then we’d get it within 30 to 60 days. If we did see a camping trailer we wanted online, it was gone within days!

Luckily, we were able to find the perfect one being sold by a family in Idaho Falls, so we took a day trip to pick it up. It’s only five years old, and ready to be loved. It has cute bunk beds for our girls, plenty of space to play games, long enough to not feel cramped, but short enough that my husband won’t lose his mind dragging it around Utah. Truly, the perfect trailer for us.

I’m so excited for the memories to be made. We are packing it full of marshmallow roasting sticks, hot chocolate for cold mornings, card games for rainy days, and swimsuits for lake days. We have already started a running list of places we want to camp such as: Yellowstone National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, the Uinta Mountains, City of Rocks, and many places in southern Utah.

We’re so excited and feel like this is a new chapter for us. I mean, getting sleep while camping with young kids — can you imagine?

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