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We have a report of a mission completed after doing it for two years. Orson and Jeannette Poulsen feel they enjoyed it, but will now have a little more free time each week for other activities.

The Poulsens have a calf ready for sale. They took it to Anderson Livestock Auction in Willard on Tuesday. They were a bit disappointed in the price they received, but feel it probably was just the wrong time to sell.

Jeannette and a friend, Judy Jensen, drove to Logan for some shopping. They were trying to find a jeweler who could replace a stone that had been lost in Jeannette’s mother’s ring. The lost stone was one that showed the birth month of her third child, Brandon.

Orson winterized both of the Poulsens’ RV trailers. He tied tarps over them to protect them from rain and snow. The larger of the two trailers was a fifth-wheel trailer, which he moved into the hay barn to keep it out of their driveway.

On Sunday, Orson baked pumpkin pies before church. He gave one of them to Winnie Richman after church. It is a really delicious pumpkin pie and is being savored slowly. His pie crusts are from scratch, too.

Laura Wheatley had a really big week. She and a bunch of other moms helped at the Garland Elementary School with Red Ribbon Week. Prizes were given out to the students to remind them to stay drug free.

During this time, there were visitors to the school. One of the visitors was musician Clay Summers. He and an artist, Gary Brantner, had a sign near them that said “Artists think it’s cool to stay away from drugs.” Both visitors played with the students during lunch break.

The Garland Elementary School Halloween Carnival was Friday. A DJ was there, which thrilled the students. Also a visitor, police officer Gilchrist from Garland, supported the theme, “Don’t Do Drugs!”

Laura confesses she and other helpers will plan something for Christmas, but she doesn’t think it will be a really big thing. “Time will tell,” she says.

Jim and Starr Mitchell entertained Starr’s brother Patrick for a dinner of homemade pizzas. Dinner was enhanced throughout with good conversation.

The Mitchells are very grateful for the rain we have had recently. Starr says “With all the grass springing up, it looks like spring!”

The two weaner calves they purchased are doing really good. They have become gentle enough to not be afraid of people, and they are becoming good buddies with the other calf the Mitchells have.

Granddaughters Gabriella and Madalynn visited a friend who has several horses. The horses are full-size animals, but are very gentle. The horses are even willing to eat out of the little girls’ hands. They were excited to do this.

Monday and Tuesday, Winnie enjoyed being home. She read, did chores and ate good meals. She also re-read some of her favorite Regency romances. She has purchased a map of England to see where all the places are.

Jim and Starr Mitchell came early Wednesday morning and fed some hay bales to the cows. When they were finished, they loaded two bags of aluminum cans into Winnie’s pickup truck for delivery to the Garland recycling plant. The two bags weighed 90 pounds total. Winnie was excited to have them gone out of her basement. They brought $45 — surely an inducement to save aluminum cans.

Winnie was very grateful to have the leak in her well pipes fixed. However, she was advised to replace all the pipes. The bill could be very expensive. Winnie will have to think about it. She was also advised to get a small tarp and a new heat lamp bulb. Gee whiz! What’s next?!

Thursday, Winnie was in town for several hours. She tried to hurry, but there were too many short stops and she didn’t leave home early enough. She got home in time to do chores and then settle down to a good Jazz game. They won by 31 points!

Saturday, son Aaron came out and fed hay to the cows. They were eager to come in, but didn’t finish it before going back out to eat the sweet, green grass that has sprung up since the rain.

Sunday, at five in the afternoon, the Jazz played again. Winnie’s church begins at 2:00 and after choir practice ends about 4:45. Then Winnie hurried home, did chores in her church clothes and watched the five o’clock Jazz game. She did miss the first quarter, but again they won, by 11 points. That and church made Winnie’s Halloween very special.

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