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Jim and Starr Mitchell are staying home and keeping busy. Their peach tree bloomed early, then some of the blooms that were not too tight got bitten by frost. Those will not make peaches. The others were tightly curled buds and escaped the frost, and will indeed produce delicious peaches.

The almond tree blooms are still tightly together and should flower, then produce nuts for harvesting this coming fall. Yes!

The couple planted peas in the ground while the ground was moist. They must continue to keep the soil wet so the birds won’t dig up the pea seeds.

Daughter-in-law Ashley’s job can be done at home so she can be with her daughters while school is out. She is home teaching them. One day, dad Steven tried to give her a break by teaching them himself. Daughter Gabrielle said “No daddy, mom is the teacher,” to which he replied, “but I am the principal!”

Jim and Starr say “Congratulations, Mandy and Ryan Petit on your marriage!” Ryan is the son of Tracy Petit, who was raised out here at Promontory.

Laura Wheatley made the remark that home school is going well for Everly, Georgia and Ruby. Ruby’s next younger sister, Kate, is doing her preschool on the computer (she’s only four years old, this not-so-up-to-date writer exclaims!). Before school, the girls and Laura do their exercise routine — sometimes with Richard Simmons, sometimes yoga, zumba, etc.

The Wheatleys sold their home in just two days to a gentleman from Deweyville. They are in the process of getting ready to move. They have already cleaned out the Tupperware drawer.

Next week, Laura and the girls will discover the wonder of sprouting seeds. They will place them on wet paper towels, which they will keep wet until sprouts appear.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen took a quick trip around the open bird refuge roads after home church on Sunday. They saw lots of coots, geese and ducks, but no baby ducklings. Other than that, they stayed home. “We have to take care of ourselves,” Orson says, “but we also had to get out for a while.”

Orson will plant peas next week for sure. He says it is too early to plant squash or corn.

Boyd Udy is almost housebound. He’s glad to be fencing around the ranch perimeter. He feels all is healthy and well with his family. He’s also harrowing his pastures. This will help break up needed fertilizer and spread it out.

Winnie Richman received two beautiful, young, Black Angus bulls on Monday from Mr. Paul Keller. He was kind enough to help Winnie decide which one to put with her young heifers for a while before putting all seven of them on the mountain with her cows and bulls.

Tuesday, son Aaron and April came to change a flat tire on Winnie’s car. They stayed to chat and admired Winnie’s finished puzzle — all but six pieces. They turned the puzzle room inside out, but only found five pieces. Fortunately, the last piece is near the bottom border and may not be too noticeable. Aaron suggested Winnie should trace the hole and cut a piece to fit. She did. She used multiple layers of cardstock paper to make it thick enough, glued them all together, and trimmed them to fit the hole.

Thursday, Winnie met Tyler at Brigham City’s Rocky Mountain Dermatology for a freezing off of some precancerous spots on her face. “Thank you, Tyler,” Winnie says gratefully.

After the appointment, she drove to Dollar Tree and wandered the aisles, just enjoying herself and getting some Easter shopping done.

Sunday, Winnie had church Fast Sunday at home. It went well. The rest of the day was … restful! She went to bed early after watching the weather channel’s predictions for Brigham, Corinne, Tremonton, Smithfield and Salt Lake City. It still seems to be cold everywhere.

Happy Easter! Stay safe and healthy!

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